The mushroom houseplant trend emerged from the Chelsea Flower Show

RHS’ Chelsea Flower Show is here – and with it a prediction of the most provocative trends you can expect for the rest of 2022. While the festival offers a variety of striking statements and unconventional inspirations, there is an indoor show garden trend this year will change everything you know about houseplants.

The “plant” in question is in the form of mushrooms – mushrooms that made a surprise appearance at the RHS showground this week. Mushrooms are not usually counted among the best indoor plantsbut this year’s show might make you want to learn how to grow mushrooms indoors.

Why the mushroom houseplant trend is here to stay

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Stylist and curator James Whiting (opens in new tab) worked with Malvern Garden Buildings (opens in new tab) to create the Planet Studio. In his studio (below) he used mushrooms as decor around the bar. In conversation with H&Gexplains James that people are drawn to this trend because the funghi knows how to make a statement – ​​but it’s also easy to care for and multifunctional.

1. Mushrooms are edible

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