Scarborough man jailed after terrorizing his ex-partner with a carving knife

Richard Hesketh, 37, who was drunk and on drugs, pointed the six-inch blade at the victim’s face and told her, “I’m going to kill you.”

He had turned up at her home in a drunk and drug-induced rage after drinking three bottles of wine and using cocaine, York Crown Court heard.

The victim said she feared she was going to die when Hesketh pointed the silver kitchen knife at her and made the terrifying threat, prosecutor Anne Richardson said.

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Richard Hesketh.

She said Hesketh and the woman had been in a relationship for 18 years but split in 2018 due to his drug use and mental health issues.

“[The victim]said he was going to go wild and become someone she doesn’t recognize,” Ms Richardson added.

Despite the split, they remained friends even after Hesketh began an on-off relationship with another woman.

He moved back in with the victim in February because he had nowhere else to stay, but they were no longer romantically involved.

But Hesketh, an Eastfield truck mechanic, started “acting weird” again, telling the victim he was spying on another former partner.

In early March, the named victim asked him to move out of her home.

It made him “bitter” toward her, but he still asked to borrow money and tried to “emotionally blackmail” her.

On March 17, she received a text message from Hesketh saying he had left the other woman again and wanted money to go to London.

She refused, believing he would spend the money on drugs.

“He sent a message saying he wanted to end his life,” Ms Richardson added.

“He said he was going out with fireworks. He said he hunted and would meet anyone and needed knives.”

Later that day, Hesketh called the victim while she was at her mother’s house and demanded to know where she was.

She drove home but had to stop on the way and saw Hesketh driving towards her in a Ford Mondeo.

“He got out and went to the passenger side of her car,” Ms Richardson said.

The victim rolled down the window, after which Hesketh leaned into her car, locked the passenger door from the inside, and began yelling at her.

The terrified victim begged him to leave and he did, but by the time she got to her house and parked her car in the driveway, Hesketh’s Mondeo was there.

He got into her car and sat in the passenger seat, where he pulled out the knife.

“She recognized it as a knife from (her) kitchen, which means he must have entered her property earlier,” Ms Richardson said.

“He held the blade about an inch from her face and yelled at her.

“She was scared and thought she might be stabbed at any moment.

“She had visions of him stabbing her in the stomach. (With) the knife still pointed at her, he said, ‘I’m going to kill you’.”

Hesketh then ordered the woman to “get out of the car,” but when she did, he ran after her, pointed the knife at her again, and yelled, “Get inside.”

“She was scared,” Ms Richardson added.

“She ran into the street and called the police. She told him what she was doing and he ran back to the car and left the area.”

Police arrived at the scene within minutes and went in search of Hesketh, who returned to the victim’s address about 15 minutes later, “stumbled” into her garden and began yelling at her through the mailbox, demanding that she shut the door to open.

Police arrived at the house, but Hesketh appeared to have disappeared.

They searched the Scarborough address and found his black jumper and hat and the carving knife he had left in the street.

He was found nearby where an officer drew his taser gun before arresting him.

Hesketh, of Dale Edge, has been charged with brawling and carrying a blade. He admitted both offenses and appeared for sentencing on May 26.

The victim said she was “sincerely afraid for my life when[Hesketh]pointed a knife at me and told me he was going to kill me”.

She added, “I’ve always tried to help Richard and I can’t understand why he would do that.”

Hesketh had three previous convictions, including one for driving while intoxicated, but nothing comparable, and the victim said he had never behaved in this way towards her in the past.

Neil Cutte mitigated that Hesketh had a long-standing alcohol, drug and mental health problem and that his behavior was out of character.

Judge Simon Hickey told Hesketh he “absolutely terrified” the victim and that he clearly had a drinking problem.

Hesketh was jailed for 12 months and given a five-year restraining order prohibiting him from going anywhere near the victim’s home.

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