Living above the garage is becoming increasingly popular

70 Harcourt Drive, Harrogate – £395,000 with Myrings, 01423 566400.

The very oldest Dales longhouses, for example, date from a time when people and cattle lived under one roof. This is a sure sign that animals played a crucial role in the everyday life of the residents – they were even central to the local economy.

Houses built today do not have livestock quarters, but they almost always have a more modern analogue: the garage.

This is so commonplace today that it’s hard to believe the word “garage” wasn’t commonplace well into the 20th century. In fact, there was even debate as to what to call the small buildings that housed these early cars. “Motorhouse,” “motorbarn,” and “motorden” were all contenders to “garage” (from French cookerto protect) stuck.

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8 Bridge End, Boston Road, Weatherby – £385,000 at Linley & Simpson, 01423 540054.

The home garage has evolved since then; Wooden folding doors, for example, have largely been replaced by swing doors. Car designs were also jazzed up and puffed up, vehicles were pushed onto the driveway and many older garages were relegated to storage rooms – so the garage had to be bigger.

As our society has become more and more car-centric, the garage has also become more closely connected to the home itself. They used to be usually free-standing buildings built away from the house, but then they moved closer, were built adjoining and then adjoining.

In its latest variant, the garage has ended up where the cattle used to stand: right in the main house. The following properties all follow this pattern, with the garage or carport (garage’s doorless cousin) directly below the living accommodation.

in Harrogate, 70 Harcourt Drive was one of the very first of the genre, and the arrangement of the houses in its row caused quite a stir when it was built some 50 years ago. There is a carport in front of the three-storey terraced house, with the entrance door on the back. Beyond this on the ground floor is a bathroom and one of the three bedrooms; the others, one with a balcony, are on the second floor, with another bathroom. In the middle, on the first floor, there is the eat-in kitchen (with balcony), the utility room and the living room. Outside there is a driveway to the front and an enclosed garden with patio to the rear.

Plot 98, The Conisbrough, Bishop’s Glade, Ripon – £380,995 at Harron Homes, 01765 804103.

This layout has worked so well that it is being imitated more and more often. A good example is 8 bridge end, part of a gated development in Wetherby. This is a second floor apartment with two bedrooms, one with walk in closet, ensuite bathroom and balcony overlooking the River Wharfe. It also has a shower room and a 31ft open plan eat-in kitchen which also has a balcony with river views. There are also two parking lots.

Finally, Bishop’s Glade is a 139 unit gated community built by Harron Homes in Ripon. Lot 98, The Conisbrough is one of three houses for sale in this style and has three bedrooms, one with ensuite shower room, bathroom, study, living room with balcony and on the ground floor a kitchen-dining room. Outside there is a rear garden and off-street parking.

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