I’m a gardening expert – transform your garden in no time for free with these seven items lying around your house

IT can easily get carried away when it comes to remodeling your garden and prices can skyrocket if you’re not careful.

In fact, homeowners in the UK spend an average of £155 trillion a year on their garden every year – but there are ways to make changes without spending a dime.


With these seven simple tips, you can transform your garden for freePhoto credit: Getty

With the cost of living rising, you can create the perfect outdoor space without breaking the bank.

Jack Sutcliffe, co-founder of Power Sheds, has shared seven useful tips for people looking to spruce up their garden on a budget…

Wine cork for victory

Recycle your wine corks and reuse them as plant markers.

Carefully cut off a fifth of the cork to reveal a flat surface, then use a permanent marker to write the name of each vegetable on it.

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Then insert your wooden skewer into the bottom of the corks.

Who knew drinking wine could help you save money?

Organic ant protection

For an effective and cheap ant repellent, use talcum powder instead of ant killer.

Spread the powder in a thin line around the places where the ants enter.

Baby powder also works the same way.

snail protection

A beer trap is an easy and inexpensive way to get rid of snails.

Fend off pesky slugs by pouring an inch of beer into an empty glass, then burying the glass in the ground up to its neck.

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Leave about an inch off the ground.

Slugs are attracted to the odors and fermentation gases in the beer, where they crawl into the glass and drown.

Get creative with storage

Creating storage space for your shed is the perfect time to repurpose or upgrade items.

Items in your home that are no longer needed can start a new life in the shed.

For example, an old shoe rack can be used to store garden shoes or hung on the wall of your shed and provide great storage for things like paint cans or tools.

recycle containers

Turn ordinary household items into useful supplies.

Milk cartons, yogurt cups, and plastic egg cartons are examples of regularly used garden items that can be found in your home.

Any container can be used to grow plants as long as it has enough holes for water to seep out.

Milk cartons can also be used as a watering can without much effort.

Poke a few holes in the lid with a skewer or nail and fill it with water!

Make your own compost

One of the easiest ways to save money and garden on a budget this year is to make your own compost.

Get a compost bin and turn your kitchen and garden waste into organic material that you can use to mulch garden borders and fill pots to encourage plant and vegetable growth. Composting can be done year round if you have the materials.

Things you can compost include fruit and vegetable peelings, plants, grass clippings, and even tea bags.

These break down quickly and provide moisture and nitrogen, which is important. Other things to take with you are crushed eggshells, leaves, and egg cartons.

Avoid putting in certain perennial weeds like dandelions, as well as meat or dairy products.

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Vertical Gardening

Make the most of your shed walls, shelves and fences with vertical planting. This is a great way to save space and is a growing garden trend.

It is a technique of growing vegetable plants and flowers and lifting them off the ground.

Use a hanging basket, flower box or wall pot that you have on hand.

An easy and inexpensive DIY.

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