Digital Fashion’s Enfant Terrible is being sued by Hermès

Little stirs the pot more consistently or generates more buzz than a serial stirrer. The digital fashion NFT community now has its own enfant terrible in Mason Rothschild. The coolest and most fashionable digital NFT wearables are symbols of identity, just like luxury items are in the real world. The Metabirkin NFTs by duo Mason Rothschild and Ericka del Rosario are sure to raise conversations and, in some cases, even lawsuits.

As brands like Gucci, Rimowa, Givenchy, Bulgarian, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, and many others continue to tap into the increasing mainstream appeal of the crypto market by coining their own luxurious NFT pieces, luxury fashion house Hermès has itself refrained from entering the burgeoning space. The 185-year-old French luxury fashion brand has hinted that it has no immediate plans to enter the NFT or Metaverse markets, proudly proclaiming that they “appreciate the tangible expression of handmade physical objects”.

Why the “MetaBirkin“ NFT by Mason Rothschild and Ericka del Rosario is so controversial. The popular digital collection consists of 100 virtual renderings of the iconic Birkin bag. Hermès has opposed the offer, which has aggregate sales of approximately $1 million, stating that they will not agree to the commercialization or creation of the NFTs and that the company is taking legal action to protect its intellectual property and trademark rights.

The MetaBirkins collection is actually the second time Rothschild has used NFTs to play with the established reputation of the Hermès bag. His first collaboration with digital artist Eric Ramirez was dubbed “Baby Birkin” and was a 1 of 1 edition NFT Birkin Bag adorned with a stylized 40 week old fetus. Rothschild could then argue that the Baby Birkin NFT was protected on the basis of parody and satire.

Nevertheless, Mason Rothschild does not get infected by the legal problems. He and Ericka del Rosario recently hosted one NFT launch party in collaboration with artist Amber Park at her fashion boutique in Beverly Hills, Terminal 27. The 3,000-square-foot store not only sells cutting-edge clothing, but is also becoming a social hub and gathering place for the Metaverse and Crypto communities to celebrate and promote their latest digital fashion projects .


This article originally appeared in the PSFK iQ Fashioning Virtual Identity report.

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