Top Home Interior Design Trends for Summer 2022 and Beyond

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After the devastation and disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, the numerous subsequent lockdowns resulted in the majority of people across the country spending an unprecedented time at home.

As a result, many people have come to the decision that they want to overhaul, update, or even start from scratch one or more living spaces in their home. So if you’re one of those people or are simply looking for general interior and design inspiration then you’ve come to the right place.

For your information and reading pleasure, here is a guide to the top home design trends for summer 2022 and beyond.

dark wood

Wood furniture trends and fashions have for some time focused heavily on lighter colored woods to achieve a Scandinavian chic style. However, with summer approaching, the proverbial tide has turned and now star interior designers are loving darker woods and wood effects.

A standout and all-natural darker wood is walnut, and from dressers and dining tables to bed frames and drawers, investing in walnut wood furniture is sure to put you at the forefront of furniture trends this year.

Deep shades of green

Another key design trend for summer 2022 and beyond includes deep forest and emerald green tones, particularly in flooring – particularly soft and luxurious carpets.

When finding the right shades and thicknesses for the carpets in your home, be sure to consult with a reputable and established luxury carpet supplier such as CW Jones Carpets in Bristol, who will work with you to create the exact aesthetic that combines with functionality to achieve the dream look and feel you envision.

embrace maximalism

Since the turn of the millennium, home and living trends have been firmly fixated on minimalism, but fashion is finally starting to celebrate design and color in a space.

To design your home under the umbrella of maximalism, the following guidelines are fantastic starting points:

  • Decorate with trinkets of sentimental value, such as souvenirs from trips abroad, and bring generous splashes of your own personality to each and every room
  • Although hygge and comfort were perfect during the pandemic, there is now a trend towards glamor and more luxurious design pieces, so invest in a beautiful Chez lounge for the bedroom or an eye-catching chair for the living room
  • Offer bohemian-inspired wall art, fabrics, furniture and pillowcases in earthy browns and reds
  • Vintage touches are a staple of the maximalism trend, and the beauty of this fashion is that you don’t have to settle for choosing between two contrasting vintage pieces
  • Accept imperfection; For example, if you have a favorite chair that’s looking a bit worn, cover the seat and back with a whimsical and colorful throw

Biophilic design features

Although you may not have heard of biophilic design features, you are guaranteed to see the term everywhere before long – especially in the collections of high fashion and luxury houses and interior designers.

Essentially, biophilic design is the idea of ​​connecting a space to nature, incorporating natural, authentic greenery whenever and wherever possible. With hardwearing and rich natural wood floors and green plush rugs at the center of a room, biophilic design is an effortless way to bring the outside in.

If you decide to follow this innovative new trend, not only will your home be an interior designer’s paradise, but you will also contribute to the positive emotional health and well-being of yourself and the other members of your household. Nature’s hues soothe the soul and can work subtle wonders when it comes to your sanity.


Finally, another big trend that will continue into the summer of 2022 and beyond isn’t just recycling; it’s also upcycled.

Basically, the rewarding process of upcycling is to take a piece of furniture, a piece of jewelry or any other piece of furniture you love or even independently acquire and turn it into a brand new, eye-catching and beautiful object.

Due to current supply problems and other related financial problems that this country is facing, the process of upcycling and updating home furnishings can help you save money since you are not buying brand new stuff. It’s also kind to the environment and helps reduce your carbon footprint. s

Unless you’re particularly skilled at arts, crafts, and DIY, you should instead visit a local antique shop or two to find some unique and memorable items at a lower price.

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