Petersburg Garden Club 2022 Home and Garden Tour: Exclusive Pictures

PETERSBURG — Did you miss the Petersburg Garden Club walking/drive tour during the Garden Club of Virginia’s 89th Annual Historic Garden Week this year? Homeowners and club members knocked themselves out. It was spectacular!

“It’s been an above-average year for us,” said Kathy Hayes, co-chair of the Petersburg Historic Garden Day. “Four hundred and twelve tickets were purchased; we usually sell between 300 and 350.”

The tour focused primarily on the Historic Poplar Lawn area. It had four private houses and gardens, as well as an enchanting woodland garden.

The houses included 129 Marshall Street [Michael Maszaros and Andrew Cushin]Marshallstrasse 133 [Jill Hendricks and Jason Lucas]215 South Jefferson St [Deborah and Conway Boyce]221 South Jefferson Street [Eleni and Richard Murphy]and garden just at 1675 Mount Vernon Street [Barb and Gary Rudolph].

Left to right, Mary Webber and Sarah Schrum, both of Prince George, stroll through Barb and Gary Rudolph's Woodland Garden Path in Petersburg, Virginia on April 26, 2022.

Cockade City Garden Club

The Cockade City Garden Club served lunch at the Second Presbyterian Church at 419 W. Washington St. in Petersburg. Guests were treated to a continuous fashion show provided by the All Manor of Things Gift Shop. As well as the lunch and fashion show, there was a fundraiser to sell geraniums, led by Cockade City Garden Club member Linda Maclin.

Lunch will be served at Flowerdew Hundred in Prince George County next year, according to Cockade City Garden Club member Linda Wynne.

“It was a great day and the weather was perfect. I think we had more people at lunch than other years,” said Wynne, who runs lunch. “We were busier than ever, but there was a lot going on. We ran out of geraniums.”

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