Gardeners’ World: Inside Adam Frost’s ‘downsized’ but stunning new garden

Eve Crosbie

world of gardeners Adam Frost is often seen presenting the show from the comfort of his own backyard – which is why it didn’t go unnoticed by fans BBC show when he started performing in a new place!

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So why did the gardening expert move and what does his new garden look like? Find out below…

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WATCH: world of gardeners Adam Frost guides through the stunning ancient garden

Adam, 52, has been inviting spectators to his own park for many years previously filmed from his beautiful eight acre Lincolnshire backyardwhich featured an expansive wildflower meadow, two small ponds, a beehive, and an expansive vegetable garden.

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More recently, however, Adam and his family — consisting of his wife Sulina, their four children and several pets — have relocated to a different property.

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Adam shared his new outdoor space on the BBC show

Opening up the move to the programme, he told viewers as he introduced them to his new outdoor space: “Like so many of us over the past few years, I’ve had time to just stop and think – probably actually for the first time since I’ve been there was about 16 years old – and found my life to be a bit chaotic.”

So as a family we just decided to downsize so I can spend more time with them – but that means I have a smaller garden,‘ he continued, adding that while their new family home and yard may be smaller, he ‘doesn’t think that’s a bad thing.’


Adam also shared glimpses of the garden on social media

The green-fingered presenter then gave the audience a brief tour of his new garden, which features a lush rectangular lawn bordered by borders and gray paving stones.

Although the new space is a little plainer compared to his old garden, we have no doubt that Adam has big plans for it and will soon transform it into a stunning garden thanks to his years of gardening experience.

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He revealed he already has plans to start a new vegetable garden in a place where the sun will shine most of the day and will soon be visiting other gardens for inspiration.

Speaking about taking on a new project, Adam warned viewers, “I think the first thing you have to do when you take on a new garden is Calm the excitement and understand what you have.”

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