Real Estate Prices: Good-looking gardens can add value, a survey finds

A greener garden could be the key to adding value to a home, according to a survey that found 57 per cent of Britons would pay more for a property with top quality greenery.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that many considered a tidy front yard a key feature — 62 percent said it drew them to real estate more than other factors like the condition of the roof (50 percent) or walls (47 percent).

Brits also looked to nature to ensure their homes stand out, pollsters found. Almost two-thirds of homeowners worry about losing the greenery in their gardens.

And those who put their time into gardening benefited, with three-quarters saying they preferred natural lawns to artificial alternatives.

The survey showed that being green wasn’t easy for everyone. Almost 26 percent lacked knowledge of plants and 21 percent found gardening physically demanding. A fifth (19 percent) only stated that they did not have enough time for this.

However, more than three quarters (77 percent) were willing to change their gardening habits and almost half were willing to create more wildlife habitats. Four in ten invested in planting native plants and more than a third said they have introduced more natural greenery such as lawns, shrubs and trees.

The study, commissioned by Honda, found that the coronavirus pandemic has changed people’s views of gardening, with a third more interested in the pastime than before March 2020.

The typical homeowner spent an average of 168 minutes a week in their yard during the spring and summer months. Regardless of weather conditions, some gardeners still maintained a weekly routine of 102 minutes between September and February.

It has also been found that gardens have become a central part of most people’s daily lives. Homeowners enjoyed relaxing (67 percent), entertaining friends and family (39 percent), eating (36 percent), and keeping their pets (24 percent) outside.

And more than seven in 10 believe gardening improves their mental health.

Kate Gould, garden designer and gold winner at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, said: “Gardens are the natural richness of a property and create the first and last impression for potential buyers.

“When a garden has beautifully manicured greenery, it is far more likely to attract attention. With so many artificial alternatives that don’t always reduce the maintenance effort, the attractiveness of a green space can quickly be lost.

“We must not forget the role our green spaces play beyond aesthetics. It’s about balancing practicality with the common goal of not forgetting nature.”

Honda’s Steve Morris said: “We know that life is busier than ever and that often prevents us from keeping a garden green. However, the technology is on our side.”

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