Best bathroom cabinets 2022: freestanding and wall-mounted storage units reviewed


Storage is key to a clean and tidy home, not least in the bathroom.

Ironically, the place where you get ready for the day ahead or unwind with a bedtime ritual before the lights go out is the room with the most clutter.

Toothbrushes on the side of the sink, toiletries strewn in the bath or shower, towels stacked in a corner, and no place for grooming essentials like tweezers, cotton swabs, and razors that you can call home can all result in your bathroom looking mostly like a bathroom looks like the Tasmanian devil has rampaged right through them.

The key to regaining control? A sleek, Tardis-esque bathroom cabinet.

Whether wall-mounted or free-standing on the floor, a whole world of bathroom cabinets is just waiting to bring order to your space. From designs with closed doors to hide various lotions and potions, to mirrored versions that double as storage and under-counter cabinets to keep your cleaning products where you need them, there’s plenty to choose from.

We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas for different budgets so you can find the right one.

Check out our favorites below

GODMORGON mirror cabinet with 2 doors, mirror glass


If you need storage that doesn’t just work somewhere to store your toothpaste and dental floss, say hello to this 30 x 60 x 14 x 96 cm high cabinet. The mirrored doors swing open to reveal five shelves ready to store all your toiletries and grooming essentials. A thing of beauty.

Dunelm industrial cabinet with mirrored doors


Not all bathroom cabinets have to be white. If you’re a fan of the industrial look, you’ll love this oak finish and metal design. The door opens to reveal three shelves and there is an additional exposed one underneath to keep soap and lip balm within easy reach. It is also water-repellent, making it ideal for hanging in damp areas such as the bathroom or a separate toilet. There are matching bathroom accessories if you like the look to go all out.

LED bathroom mirror cabinet

If your bathroom lacks natural light, this energy-efficient LED vanity mirror cabinet is the perfect solution. The soft light mimics daylight and banishes shadows from your face, perfect for applying makeup or shaving. Behind the mirrored doors there are three shelves for the care utensils. Measures 80 x 12.2 x 68 cm.

Dunelm French cane mirror cabinet


Did you think rattan was only for garden furniture? think again The retro look is making its way into every other room in your home, including the bathroom. It’s subtly seen here behind exposed shelves on the side of this mirrored cabinet. An easy way to implement the boho trend in your bathroom.

John Lewis & Partners Ridge Tallboy Bathroom Cabinet, White

Do you have an unloved corner? Give it a new purpose with a sleek cabinet like this Tallboy from John Lewis’ affordable in-house ANYDAY collection of homeware. It features a closed door for tucking away clutter, as well as three shelves – four if you count the top (which we do). Utilize every inch of space by adding a straw basket at the top for things you want to keep out of the reach of kids, pets, and nosy roommates. Also available as small single towel cabinet.

Sub-basin unit Dunelm Rimini

This vanity unit, which is exclusively available online, is ideal for placing under your washbasin. Store your bleach, shower cleaning products and sponges here, as well as extra hand soap and shower gel – an interior shelf helps with extra organization.

Bath Vida bathroom cabinet 4 drawers 1 door

This white wooden cabinet is a chic cabinet with drawers to keep things like toilet paper and cleaning supplies out of sight, and at a great price. Measures H81 x W60 x D30 cm.

Dunelm Sicily White single door mirror cabinet

Embrace the minimalist look with this small but compact cabinet. Designed to hang over the bathroom sink, it comes with a mirrored front, pull handle and shelf inside to utilize the space inside. It’s a handy purchase for small toilets, but if you need more storage, give it a try two-door version.

Taylor & Brown Maine mirrored bathroom cabinet with storage shelf

Floor space is at a premium, especially in compact bathrooms. A closet might be the best choice for gaining storage space without eating up real estate in your bathroom. The two doors are fitted with mirrors that increase functionality and underneath there is a shelf for small products that you want to keep within reach. Measures W56 x D13 x H58 cm.

Cotswold Company Chatsworth Charcoal Double Open Tall Boy

Cotswold Co

With the right storage, you’ll be one step closer to your quest for a serene, spa-like bathroom. This beautiful Tallboy is the perfect mix with three open shelves to display your fanciest products and a lower closed half to store boring essentials like loo rolls and store-bought toilet rolls and shampoo. A useful and stylish purchase for those with spare space. Dimensions: 180 x 75.9 x 38 cm.

IKEA Hemnes tall cabinet with mirrored door, white


Get a full length mirror and cabinet in one with IKEA’s popular Hemnes design. The 200cm high, compact cabinet offers space for all your beauty and bath products and also has space for clean towels. Adjust the inner shelves to your desired height, or omit them altogether for larger bottles. Wall mount required.


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