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When Matt and Mary Beth Borchardt moved into their ranch style home 10 years ago, the home provided them with the space they needed for their growing family. The property, with its expansive front yard, had a back yard large and flat enough for football or baseball games, a chicken coop, and even a tree swing.

“The boys were little kids back then. Ben had just turned three and it was a month before Sam’s first birthday,” says Mary Beth. The house, as they had planned, was indeed one to grow on.

With four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a sprawling master suite, the 1971 home in unincorporated St. Louis County met their space needs, but it didn’t have the flow the couple would have liked. When tackling a kitchen remodel during the pandemic, they knew they wanted an open floor plan for the main living area.

“We have many family members and friends that we invite here for holidays and gatherings. Everyone always gathers in the kitchen, and when that space is open, we now have options. People can sit at the table or on the island. They can go to the back deck and eat there if they wish. You can visit her on the couch and chat, or chat in different seating areas,” she says. “With the open kitchen, Matt can still celebrate while cooking.”

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The Borchardts knew exactly where to turn when they decided to remodel. “We worked with our friends Larry and Ande Buechel from JS Tile & Marble. Larry, Ande and their two children attended our wedding. They are like family to us,” says Mary Beth. In fact, they were also the go-to place for home renovations for most of the extended Borchardt family. “It was reassuring to have her in our house and to help us come up with the plan.”

Both Mary Beth and Matt knew to expect surprises, and they relied on their friends to find solutions to confusing situations.

“We found that the wine and beverage fridge we bought under the counter in the kitchen didn’t fit flush in our cabinets. No problem. Larry built a frame behind the cabinets to solve the problem and support the granite on top of it—a very cool solution that flows into the space,” she says.

For Matt, the deeper countertop was an unexpected dividend—more space for making drinks and covering shelves and trays with food. “I also have more counter space for the other side of the counter near the stove for prep.”

Matt explored the stove. “I went from a traditional 30-inch domestic range to a six-burner top with a built-in 12-inch griddle and two convection ovens,” he says. “You can even raise bread in these ovens.”

Two comfortable armchairs in front of the panoramic window are perfect for conversations. The Borchardts recently remodeled the main floor to create an open floor plan that now includes the living room, dining room, family area and kitchen.

Photo by Mary Beth Borchardt

Matt Borchardt knows about ovens. His professional career as a chef and culinary arts teacher led him and Mary Beth to make another big decision seven years ago when they opened their own business.

The Borchardts are co-owners of the Edibles & Essentials coffee shop and small craft market in St. Louis Hills. True hospitality and caring for people runs in her veins. “We co-own, but Matt owns the cafe. I’m an orthopedic nurse,” she says.

When we asked him if he develops recipes for the home café in his super kitchen, he said he wears two chef’s hats – one for home and one for work.

“When I cook at home, it’s more for parties or out of necessity,” he says. Matt and Mary Beth go out to dinner with friends and special occasions, but cooks and nurses have busy schedules and little time at home. When Matt works, Mary Beth cooks for herself and the boys.

“If you have the skills that I have, we can have great dinners at home and spend time together,” he says. In the summer he likes to linger on the spacious terrace behind the house, which leads to the party area of ​​the kitchen. In winter he likes to relax with his family on the couch in front of the fireplace. “There’s a special spot reserved for Daddy on this couch,” he says.

There is also a special place for the family chickens. The family has kept backyard chickens for many years. “Matt built the barn. We use the eggs at home all the time,” says Mary Beth. “We don’t normally name our chickens, but when Sam was younger we had a chicken that just stood on one leg and hopped around. Sam called her Flamingo. She died a few years ago.”

In October, the two celebrate seven years in the business where their two boys grew up. “Ben is more interested in cooking and spends a lot of time in the prep area with Matt at the restaurant. Sam is more of a front of house guy. He loves hanging out with people, interacting, talking and of course clearing tables,” she says.

“We’ll probably celebrate with a roast pork here in October,” says Matt. It will be a lovely affair with family, friends and clients taking place on the back patio of Edibles & Essentials. Then they go home and relax in the peace of home.

AH with Matt and Mary Beth Borchardt for release May 22, 2022

Mary Beth and Matt Borchardt

Matt and Mary Beth Borchardt

homee • Unincorporated South St. Louis County

family • The Borchardts have two sons, Ben, 13, and Sam, 11. Their animal family includes two energetic dogs: Ginger, an Australian Shepherd mix, and Hashbrown, a golden retriever, both of whom respect the chickens that share their backyard.

age • Mate is 48; Maria Beth is 52.

jobs • Matt and Mary Beth are both owners of Edibles & Essentials, a small craft store and coffee shop on Hampton Avenue. Matt is the owner of Edibles & Essentials. Mary Beth is an Orthopedic Nurse at BJC Healthcare.


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