Operational expansion and takeaway plans among the latest building applications as hotel houses were rejected

Here are the latest planning applications submitted and decided in and around Mansfield and Ashfield for the week commencing Monday 9th May 2022:

The Pines, 138A Egmanton Road, Meden Vale: Extension of existing detached garage to form apartment;

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Apartment extensions are among a number of new planning applications.

12 Wheatfield Crescent, Mansfield Woodhouse: single storey rear extension;

Mansfield Manor Hotel, Windmill Lane, Mansfield: removal of five trees;

27 Forest Road, Warsop: Detached House;

32 Buddy Avenue, Mansfield: demolition of one-story garage and erection of two-story side annexe and one-story rear annexe;

Morrisons, Ashfield Borough, Kirkby.

Grantham House, 423 Nottingham Road, Mansfield: tree work;

Rosemary Street Health Centre, Rosemary Street, Mansfield: Two story side extension.

Final motions decided by Mansfield Council:

Three Thorn Lodge, Old Mill Lane, Forest Town: Replace the front conservatory with a single story front annexe. Conditional Permission;

Rosemary Street Health Centre, Mansfield.

75 Roman Bank, Mansfield Woodhouse: Single storey rear extension. Conditional Permission;

Former railway site at the top of Cherry Grove, Warsop: engineering and landscaping work. Conditional Permission;

2 Skerry Hill, Mansfield: Conversion from commercial, shop and service to a hot food stand and installation of a flue. Conditional Permission;

2 Field Close, Mansfield Woodhouse: Two story side extension. Conditional Permission;

21 Herbert Street, Mansfield: Four apartments on the second floor at roof level. Conditional Permission;

11 Market Street, Mansfield: change of use from telephone repair shop to nail and beauty salon. Conditional Permission;

Unit 2/5 Abbey Industrial Park, Hermitage Lane, Mansfield: change of use from assembly/leisure to flexible use. Conditional Permission;

39 Alexandra Avenue, Mansfield: Rear extension of existing annexe. Conditional Permission;

24 Wilson Street, Mansfield: One and two storey rear annexes. Conditional Permission;

Property adjacent to Mansfield Manor Hotel, Windmill Lane, Mansfield: Three townhouses. Refused;

222 Sutton Road, Mansfield: Two-story side extension. Conditional Permission;

Hermitage Mill, Hermitage Lane, Mansfield: Partial demolition, reconstruction, conversion and extension of a listed mill to create a 70 bed nursing home and the construction of 31 private residences within the property, along with associated infrastructure, ancillary facilities, access, parking and open space. Conditional Permission.

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garage plan

142 Church Lane, Selston: crown lift and chestnut tree pruning;

Orchard Cottage, 1 Boots Yard, Huthwaite: First floor addition over existing garage;

70 Skegby Road, Sutton: refurbishment of conservatory including new tiled roof;

2 The Park, Sutton: Single-story rear extension with flat roof;

37 Skegby Road, Kirkby: New facade treatment, two-story extension to the side, front and rear, new porch;

Bracken Bank, Derby Road, Kirkby: apartment;

Lyndhurst, Phoenix Street, Sutton: Single storey rear annexe;

16 Belfry Close, Kirkby: Single-story rear extension;

Teversal Manor, Buttery Lane, Sutton: dividing the existing manor house from two dwellings into three;

Premier Performance Garage, Downing Street, Sutton: change of use of unit to MOT inspection station and garage/workshop;

319 Alfreton Road, Sutton: single family home;

20 Paschall Road, Kirkby: Single storey side and rear extension;

55 Sorrel Drive, Kirkby: Extension of garage frontage and conversion to habitable space.

Last applications decided by ash field advice included:

11 Coburn Street, Sutton: Apartment. Refused;

187 Church Lane, Underwood: demolition of the existing house and a replacement house. Conditional Permission;

124 Main Road, Jacksdale: Two-Story Rear Annex. Conditional Permission;

Unit 17C, Unity Road, Kirkby: storage building. Conditional Permission;

74A Clumber Street, Kirkby: tree work. Conditional Permission;

10 Church Lane, Selston: fence. Conditional Permission;

Street Trees, Borders Avenue, Kirkby: tree work. Conditional Permission;

Morrisons Supermarket, Ashfield Precinct, Kirkby: Single-story pod with webuyanycar in the south-east corner of the car park. Conditional Permission;

47 Hardwick Lane, Sutton: Two-story and one-story stern extensions. Conditional Permission;

Crown And Woolpack Inn, Forest Street, Sutton: Conversion of a former tavern into eight apartments. Conditional Permission;

7 Calladine Grove, Sutton: demolition of existing conservatory, construction of a single storey rear extension with flat roof and lantern. Prior approval is not required.

Retail kiosk bid

127 Dale Close, Langwith: Removal of existing rear conservatory and side building and new single storey front, side and rear addition.

Last applications decided by Bolsover advice included:

Hillside, Fordbridge Lane, South Normanton: Changes to the roof construction and heightening of the apartment. Installation of ground floor windows, skylights and a dormer window. Conditional Permission;

Premier House, Vernon Street, Shirebrook: warehouse, extension of existing building. Conditional Permission;

Unit B, Farmwell Lane, South Normanton: Added pop-up retail kiosk and reconfiguration of parking spaces. Conditional Permission;

24 Hazel Crescent, Shirebrook: Rear addition and plastering of all exterior walls. Conditional Permission;

Chestnut View Farm, Chesterfield Road, Tibshelf: Single storey dwelling. Conditional Permission.

Shop expansion plan

54 Longdale Lane, Ravenshead: demolition of existing house, proposed four bedroom detached house, detached outbuilding and detached triple garage;

30 Rowan Avenue, Ravenshead: Single story rear extensions and existing roof modifications, carport to front;

Property off Hayden Lane, Linby: 135 apartments with access from Delia Avenue and Dorothy Avenue;

Ravenshead Farm Shop, 131 Main Road, Ravenshead: rear projection extension of existing farm shop after removal of existing rear wood storage shed, extension of north-west boundary lot and retention of three cold stores;

36 Linwood Crescent, Ravenshead: Single story side extension;

14 Fountayne Close, Linby: Double garage and single storey side annexe.

The Hollies, Ravenshead: Tree works.

Last applications decided by gedling advice included:

102 Nottingham Road, Ravenshead: tree work. Conditional Permission;

4 Barbers Wood Close, Ravenshead: demolition of concrete garage and outbuilding, construction of a brick double garage. Conditional Permission;

31 Church Drive, Ravenshead: Two story and one story side annex, two story rear annex with forward pitched roof. Conditional Permission;

2 Chestnut Avenue, Ravenshead: Single story side and rear extensions. Conditional Permission;

7 Mansfield Road North, Ravenshead: Two storey side annexe following demolition of the existing one storey side annexe and construction of an oak frame garage in the front yard. Refused.

Home plan discarded

Land off Manor Close Walesby: demolition of five existing garages and creation of a four-bedroom, two-car dormer house;

1 The Cottages, Tippings Lane, Farnsfield: electric gates, widening of vehicle access, replacement of boundary fence and paved area;

Land adjacent to Jesmondene Cottage, Calverton Road, Blidworth Bottoms: change of land use from farming to equestrian and construction of mobile field shelters;

Plots 3 and 15, New Lane, Blidworth: change of use of land for equestrian purposes and establishment of new access roads to both plots, new shelter and retention of open fronted field shelter.

Last applications decided by Newark and Sherwood advice included:

Property behind 129 Mansfield Road, Clipstone: Three apartments. Refused;

59 The Ridgeway, Farnsfield: Dormer windows to create a new family bathroom and single bedroom. Refused;

The Bee Hive Coach House, Main Street, Farnsfield: Single storey side and rear extension. Authorized;

Property behind 3 Mansfield Road, Clipstone: Two apartments. Authorized;

5 Yates Croft, Farnsfield: front garden driveway extension, retaining wall erected. Refused.

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