Ideal outdoor jobs that can be perfectly completed over a 4 day anniversary holiday

People across the UK can look forward to a special four-day bank holiday weekend in June, with anniversary cakes, street parties, Union Jack bunting… and DIY! The experts at have put together a guide to seven of the best jobs you can do to brighten up your home and outdoor space during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

For those lucky enough to have the entire Bank Holiday weekend off between Thursday 2nd June and Sunday 5th June there will be 96 hours of free time. And if you’re in the mood for DIY, it’s a great time to look into some outdoor jobs.

A spokesman for said: “Everyone is rightly looking forward to the Queen’s Jubilee. There will be plenty to do during the upcoming celebrations, seeing friends and loved ones, spending days outside and attending street parties. There is also the opportunity to do some things around the house and garden.

“The extra day of rest may be particularly attractive for some of the jobs that you may not be able to get done on a weekend or traditional holiday, which may require more time and resources to complete. We’ve compiled a list of seven of the most popular outdoor DIY tasks to consider.”

Driveways: These can become real eyesores if left uncared for, with weeds growing out of cracks or between cobblestones in your path or driveway. If you have a particularly large driveway, the extra time this holiday break provides allows you to cover a larger area than would otherwise be possible.

A rocky place: You may be able to invest in new gravel to give a tired looking patch of soil a fresh look, or spruce up an existing backyard rockery with some new rocks and ornaments without rushing the clock.

Front door and surroundings: Four days is an attractive period of time when you want to give your door and porch a fresh coat of paint and maybe even a new color. With drying time to consider, there are many ways to be adventurous and creative to achieve a new look.

painting time: Those with a long fence or lots of outbuildings might enjoy breathing new life into these things with a fresh coat of paint or two. It’s a great time of year to do this as the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, providing ideal drying conditions and ensuring your wood is protected from winter in good time.

Negative pressure?: You could ask a relative or neighbor to loan you or rent a pressure washer to remove stubborn stains on your patio or other challenging standing areas that you might not have been able to devote time to on other busy weekends.

Summer is coming: Use this extended break to sift out weeds and dead plants and give new plants room and space to grow and thrive. This is an excellent time to hit the reset button as winter is a distant memory, the days are getting longer and your garden is getting more sunlight.

child’s play: Maybe more recreation than DIY, but is this four-day break the time to build your own play den for the little ones in the backyard, or perhaps tend to the tired-looking play equipment or tree house that needs some maintenance?

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