Kate Humble shares a simple trick to welcoming wildlife into your yard

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  • Kate Humble shared her top tip for making a garden more wildlife friendly. This simple trick works whether you have just a tiny balcony or acres to fill.

    The TV host and author’s simple garden ideas will attract insects and animals to your outdoor space. Time to let nature flourish!

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    Kate Humble’s trick for welcoming wildlife

    “Regardless of the size of your garden, there are ways to encourage wildlife,” says Kate Humble. “The first thing to think about is planting, and it may seem silly to say so, but think of the food chain.”

    ‘Think about it. If you have bugs, you get everything else,” Kate continues. “If you don’t plant for insects, you won’t attract birds or small mammals. You need to think about what needs to be there to support the next step in the food chain.’

    Picture of Kate Humble in the garden

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    So think back to school and think about what eats what as you work out how to plan a garden. When you plant for insects, each subsequent step in the food chain is accounted for and appears.

    Planting insects also helps with actual gardening.

    “If you grow any kind of vegetables or you have fruit trees, it’s really, really important to encourage pollinators like bees, wasps and hoverflies,” says Kate.

    “That’s because they’re going to do all the hard work for you.”

    Garden pond with plants and stone border

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    Go one step further and design your garden for the food chain with more than just plants. Water feature ideas can add more than just a stylish feature.

    “Another thing that’s just awesome is building a pond,” adds Kate. “There are many sources that will show you the best way to do it, but I would refer you to the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust.”

    “It doesn’t have to be very big, but you’ll enjoy a pond immensely because it attracts things like dragonflies, frogs and newts. You can also have beautiful plants around it, so it can be a really attractive feature, but also an amazing resource for wildlife.”

    Kate Humble’s wild garden ideas trick is easy to do, even for the less green-fingered among us. So let’s plant for the insects and do everything else by ourselves.

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