I’m a fashion expert – there are 6 dresses that will make you look cheap right away

WHETHER it’s for a special occasion or just to go shopping, the wrong dress can make you look so cheap.

In fact, there are even some dresses that will turn men off immediately.


The pro said she’s also been a victim of cheap-looking dresses in the pastPhoto credit: Anna Bey / Youtube
Long floral dresses make you look old and cheap


Long floral dresses make you look old and cheapPhoto credit: Anna Bey / Youtube

It’s easier than ever to be bold when choosing your outfit. When you see girls on Instagram posing in their mini dresses, you might think you should buy something similar, but don’t be fooled.

According to fashion expert Anna Bey, there’s never an excuse to don these dresses, and you’ll end up looking cheap and cheesy if you do.

The people expeller

This type of clothing should definitely be avoided, says Anna.

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I'm a fashion expert - the outfits that make you look cheap in an instant

Showing some skin isn’t always a bad thing, according to the pro, and this style of dress is a perfect example of what happens when you wear a shapeless dress with a high neckline that hits past your knees.

“It looks like a granny dress,” she joked as she showed off a dress that looked like Kate Middleton would wear to church.

It may be fine for the future queen, but for normal people these dresses look clumsy and cheap.

shoulder pads

You may be able to get away with this style if you have a pear shape and need a balance, but otherwise this trend can make its wearers look too masculine.

“It makes you look so wide and out of proportion,” says Anna.

“I know it’s incredibly trendy right now,” she said, but added that it doesn’t work for most people and can make you look so vulgar.

sequin dresses

The fashion queen quipped: “Don’t buy them ladies, do you think it will make you look more expensive?”

“If you’re thinking, ‘If I add more shine, it’ll look more expensive,’ kid yourself.

“You actually make yourself look cheaper and sequin dresses are such a good example of that.”

“Less is more”, according to the professional, “reduce and refine to look more expensive.”

Embellished dresses

The ugly sister of the sequin dress, this style should also be avoided unless you want to look cheesy.

Embellished dresses go against their pro’s less is more rule and attract attention for all the wrong reasons.

metallic clothes

Anna said: “This fabric can never look expensive no matter your budget.

“It probably comes at a price of looking cheap, if you have metallic in your wardrobe do yourself a favor and toss it immediately.”

Though the fashionista claimed it’s possible to sport a touch of metallic without looking too cheesy, don’t even try if you’re unsure.

Figure-hugging dresses

They might have been the whole range 10 years ago, but they didn’t look good then and they look even worse now.

“It’s the poster child for cheap-looking dresses,” Anna quipped.

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With the so dangerous

She explained that this style of dress “looks very desperate, like a big cry for attention.”

The worst style of bodycon dresses are those in the bandage style, the outfit expert said that “this style of dress should not be worn by anyone, at any age, in any place”.

Big shoulder pads are a big no for the fashion pro


Big shoulder pads are a big no for the fashion proPhoto credit: Anna Bey / Youtube
Avoid metallic clothing at all costs


Avoid metallic clothing at all costsPhoto credit: Anna Bey / Youtube
Embellishments are a great way to instantly make you look cheaper


Embellishments are a great way to instantly make you look cheaperPhoto credit: Anna Bey / Youtube

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