Headquarters of the Historical Society between Bexley House & Garden Tour stops

Participants in the 14th annual Bexley House & Garden Tour will not only raise funds to help local students attend the college, they will also learn about the architecture of each house and the history of prominent previous owners.

The tour, presented by the Bexley Women’s Club, will take place on June 5 from 10am to 4pm and will feature the interiors and exteriors of six houses, two private gardens and a municipal park. Proceeds go to college scholarships for high school seniors residing in Bexley.

During a May 12 presentation at the Bexley Public Library (BPL), BPL’s local history librarian, David Distelhorst, and local architect, Amy Lauerhass, described the historic nature of the homes on the tour.

Featured properties include 2080 Clifton Ave., the headquarters of the Bexley Historical Society & Museum, adjacent to the Jeffrey Mansion recreation facility and park.

In the early 1900s, the building was part of the estate of industrialist and early Columbus mayor Robert Jeffrey, and originally served as living quarters for the Jeffrey family’s house manager and chauffeur, Distelhort said.

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