EuroMillions Winners: Britain’s Biggest Winners Joe and Jess Thwaite from Gloucester winning £184m on a lucky dip ticket

Joe and Jess Thwaite from Gloucester won the Tuesday 10th drawing with a Lucky Dip ticket.

Joe, 49, a communications and sales engineer, and Jess, 44, who runs a hair salon with her sister, have been married 11 years and have two elementary-age children.

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Ms Thwaite said: “The win gives us time to dream which we didn’t have before. We had a week to think about it and now we have time to share many experiences and go on adventures with our family and friends.

Gloucestershire’s Joe Thwaite, 49, and Jess Thwaite, 46, celebrate after winning the record-breaking £184million EuroMillions jackpot

“Both of our kids have always talked about going to Hawaii, I have no idea why, but we can now make that dream come true.

“They always wanted a horse box for our ponies instead of the run down trailer we use.

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“Just seeing their faces when we can make these things come true will be worth every penny.”

Blow the Hair and Beauty Salon in Tewkesbury, which is co-owned by Jess Thwaite

The record was previously held by an anonymous ticket holder who deposited £170million in October 2019.

The new record-breakers mark the second EuroMillions jackpot won in the UK this year, with the £109 million jackpot from the February 4th drawing being won a few days later.

At a news conference on Thursday, Ms Thwaite said while it was “wonderful and exciting” it was also “a massive relief for everyone who’s been struggling with all their bills and all their stuff the whole time”.

She said: “We’re like any normal family that has this thing, so it’s just a huge relief too.”

Screenshots released by the National Lottery of messages received by lottery winner Joe Thwaite

The couple said their financial situation is “not terrible” but that the cost of living crisis has “affected our lives”.

They said they have plenty of animals including ponies, geckos, chickens and dogs, and Ms Thwaite said: “We have too many things, we’re too busy.

“We just want to create that kind of lifestyle for our kids. We are at the bottom because we did everything to get this house and have our ponies at home and that was our dream.”

Referring to the cost of living crisis, Mr Thwaite said they bought the house when the economy was better so they were struggling, adding: “That’s huge for us.”

Mr Thwaite said he was working on Tuesday and by 4pm he thought he “better buy a ticket” because he was aware of the jackpot.

He said he buys tickets regularly, adding: “I usually buy them when it’s a good amount, so if there’s a lot of money I put it in. I use the app and check and put on a few times a week.

“But in general my luck is pretty terrible, to be honest.”

His wife Jess added, “He’s trying to convince me to buy them because he thinks I’ll have better luck, but actually he is.”

Mr Thwaite said when he received an email telling him he’d won a prize he thought it was a stroke of luck.

“Then I looked at the amount and hung up the phone. And I picked up the phone again and looked at the amount again.

“I thought it was thousands at first,” he said, adding that he thought it was “life-changing.”

But then he “started counting the digits,” adding, “Amazing, but also surreal.”

He said they had been trying to move for quite a while and he went on Rightmove.

“You go to Rightmove and you set your limits on what you can afford, and in the past everything we wanted was way above what we could afford, so I figured I don’t need to filter, I can actually just looking at everything,” he said.

When asked why they decided to go public, Ms Thwaite said: “I think that way we can be honest with all of them, we can enjoy it with all of them.”

Ms Thwaite said her husband “took the baton” to take over the lottery from her father, who died seven years ago.

Ms Thwaite said her father “always used the same numbers” but her husband said: “I always go with a lucky bath because I think that’s easier.”

When asked if there’s something they’ve always dreamed of buying, Ms Thwaite said: “We’re not really those materialistic people. If you had seen our house you would know.

“I’ll probably buy a new car or something, but we don’t have a big one…we’d like to go on vacation with a family.”

She added: “We had to buy suitcases to come here because we’re not going on holiday. We never go on vacation. So our kids would just die to get out in the sun and do something like that, so I’d love to go out and do that.

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