Best Dish Drainers 2022 for a tidy kitchen


We’ll bet you haven’t given a lot of thought to a dish rack, but the sink next to the kitchen sink is a kitchen necessity in every home.

Whether you have a dishwasher or not, and if you share a home or live alone, one of these shelves is essential to allow your cutlery and crockery to air dry properly instead of engaging in dangerous and expensive kitchen Jenga transform game.

You can find cheap plastic models on any high street, but if you’re an aesthetically oriented type, you might be looking for something that matches the theme and look of your kitchen.

For you and anyone thinking about such a purchase, we have compiled this list of the best dish drying racks.

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Brabantia folding dish dryer


As one of the leading names in home organization and cleaning, there are few things that Brabantia doesn’t have in their vast product portfolio. If you’re looking for a drying rack that uses every inch of space, check out this foldable dish drying rack.

The design sits on a non-slip, inclined tray that provides more drying space and allows water to drain into the sink. Two cutlery baskets offer enough space for knives, forks and spoons and there are also hooks for wine glasses and champagne flutes.

Rubber grips are included to keep your plates in place, and the entire contraption folds down and stows flat when not in use if you’re the minimalist type. Measures 51 x 42 x 33 cm.

Joseph Joseph 2 Piece Sink Organization Set

Joseph Joseph

Not quite everything but the kitchen sink, but a good chunk of it. Joseph Joseph has this two-piece sink organizer set that promises to bring order to the smallest of spaces.

The expandable dish drainer can double in size, allowing you to pack more plates, cutting boards and serving platters into the shelves, while a moveable cutlery bin detangles and keeps your utensils organized.

There is also a 350ml soap pump that allows you to transfer dish soap or hand soap, adding to the consistency around your sink area.

Dunelm two tier dish drainer in matte black and bamboo


Two levels offer twice as much drying space for your freshly washed cutlery, crockery and other kitchen utensils at an extremely affordable price. With a separate compartment for cutlery, storing your belongings after drying is child’s play.

The shelves are wide enough to accommodate both round and square plates, and a serving platter or two would also look good here. Crafted from bamboo and dyed black, it’s a sharp design that will look good in most kitchen decor styles.

Joseph Joseph Extend expandable dish rack, white

Joseph Joseph

This expandable design is perfect for caravan and motorhome storage as it comes with an integrated plug that catches water for you to drain later – ideal for camping trips. Raised ribs on the bottom prevent your clean glasses and plates from standing in dirty water and instead help direct water flow to the drain, which you should position on the edge of your sink. The cutlery drainer is also removable, making it easier to reposition and keep clean.

Umbra holster dish rack


A dish rack is the kind of purchase you want to make once and then forget about it all. Umbra’s design is made from resilient molded plastic wrapped around a stainless steel frame, so it should last you a long time.

There’s plenty of room for a household’s crockery, with room for up to 15 plates, a dedicated utensil area and a movable stemmed glass holder that accommodates four glasses. Ideal for everyday use in the kitchen.

Simplehuman dish drying rack, stainless steel

simple person

Packed with shelves, drawers and holders for quick storage of dryware and glassware, the simplehuman dish rack is a lesson in kitchen sink organization. The stainless steel frame sits atop a swivel spout that can swivel 360 degrees, so no matter where you place it on the countertop, you can point it toward the sink to drain the water.

Astoryou 2-Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack with Drip Tray


Why a single tier when you can double your drying space with two? Not only does this design offer double-decker racks, but there are expandable trays positioned beneath each, increasing the drying area in an instant. It’s one for single family homes with plenty of room to store a full day’s meals. In addition to the shelves, it is equipped with a cutlery holder, space for cutting boards and a water drainage system.

Relaxdays dish drainer CROSS

relaxation days

Prefer a warmer look for your kitchen? Avoid stainless steel and silicone for a rustic appeal, like this bamboo folding shelf. It’s a simple look compared to the other designs on our list, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re into a simple aesthetic. As well as racks to store your dishes, there is also a section at the bottom for placing cups and bowls.

Garden Trading Brompton Dish Rack

garden trade

Crafted from powder coated steel and finished in an antique brass tone, this simple yet chic design is made for lovers of form and function. Wooden handles add a sense of warmth to the otherwise industrial-looking shelving and make it easier to carry dishes for storage when the cabinets are further from the sink.


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