Rangers trolled by fans on social media after painting garden in flag colors goes awry

A Rangers fan has been trolled on social media after a bid to paint his garden flag colors went horribly wrong.

George Douglas, from Coalburn, South Lanarkshire, gave his home a complete Gers makeover ahead of the Europa League final.

He will be cheering by his side as they take on Eintracht Frankfurt in the historic game later tonight.

The 32-year-old adorned his home with Union Jack flags and flags, as well as Rangers crests and a series of messages of support including “Make us dream” in blue and white paint on his garden panels.

The father-of-two also painted his grass red, white and blue for the occasion – but social media users were quick to point out that the colors don’t quite reflect the colors of the Union Jack.

The Scottish father of two can’t wait for the cup final to kick off

Heather Gail Thomson commented, “Looks more like green, white and gold to me”.

Anne Therese Higgins Pearson agreed: “Me too.”

Magz Crawford wrote: “Looks green, white and gold to me”.

Meanwhile, John Mceachen said, “You can paint the grass any color you like, but it’s still GREEN!”

George enrolled "Seville 2022" on his property
George has inscribed “Seville 2022” on his property

And Ann O’malley chimed in from a different perspective and asked, “Ivory Coast supporters?”

Rangers Daft George went to great lengths to dress up their lawn in the club’s famous colors – using a paint roller to get the job done.

He also borrowed a ladder from a friend to hang the flag over his living room window.

But he admitted his daughters, Mirren, 11, and Keavie, eight, were less than impressed when they returned home from school to witness the bright overhaul.

George told LanarkshireLive: “I actually had a roller, I was in the process of painting it.

“That took about two hours because the roller isn’t designed to paint grass.

The man hopes his awards tonight bring good luck to the Ibrox Club
The man hopes his awards tonight bring good luck to the Ibrox Club

“It turned out better than I expected. But the rain has suffered a little, so I have to go out again and touch up.

“My kids weren’t too happy yesterday when they came home and saw me mowing the lawn.

“I think they were more shocked. It was a case of ‘oh what are you doing’, probably a bit awkward.

“I usually put up my pennants and flags, but this time I decided to step it up just because of the size of the game.”

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