With Julia Berolzheimer, Pottery Barn is launching a chic garden-themed collection

Pottery Barn and tastemaker Julia Berolzheimer recently launched a beautiful garden collection just in time for summer. Berolzheimer puts her own twist on the traditional style for the line, weaving in both her personal aesthetic and that of the brand. “I am delighted to be partnering with Pottery Barn, a home authority and brand I admire, to reflect my love of design and the beauty in every detail. Together we created a collection full of pieces inspired by my own home and garden in Charleston,” she says. “My hope for this collection is that it inspires beautiful moments and I can’t wait to see how others incorporate these pieces, from celebrating with others to their everyday life.”

There are so many great pieces in the shades of sage and blue, from vintage-inspired melamine tableware to sophisticated cloth napkins, tablecloths and charming stemware made from recycled glass. Matching larger pieces are also available including a stylish potting station that any gardener will appreciate. There’s plenty of bedroom decor, too, including reversible duvets and pillowcases.

Handcrafted woven baskets and serrated trays round out the collection with a little something for just about any room in the house.

I recently spoke to Berolzheimer about working with Pottery Barn and their process to create this beautiful collection.

Amanda Lauren: Can you define your furnishing style?

Julia Berolzheimer: My interior style is traditional with a twist, with a heavy emphasis on print and colour. My home reflects my personal style. I want my surroundings to represent me.

Lauren: Why do you think traditional styles are making a comeback?

Berolzheimer: I don’t think traditional has ever gone out of style, it just wasn’t that popular in the mainstream.

Lauren: How did this collaboration with Pottery Barn come about?

Berolzheimer: I think I’ve been on Pottery Barn’s radar for years after buying and showing off their organic quality products. They contacted me early last year and we knew straight away that this was going to be a great partnership.

Lauren: What is your favorite piece in the collection and why?

Berolzheimer: I am very proud of the garden pieces. We spend most of our time on our porch and outdoors.

The items we created are the ones I always wished I had for our space. The two plant stands and potting station are three standout pieces not to be missed.

Lauren: How did you create the collection?

Berolzheimer: The Pottery Barn team and I had many Zoom calls talking about the collection and what we wanted. I start first with a mood/inspiration board where I draw swipe, color palette and product ideas. I knew immediately what the collection should look like. Many of the designs evolved from the first few ideas. I had found an antique pot that had a really cool jagged edge that I had never seen before.

We first added this on the tiered plant stand and cake stand, but then we loved continuing it throughout the collection. I wanted the prints to feel cohesive and coordinated but in a layered, fresh way with feminine elements but not too cute.

Lauren: Several pieces have a very specific shade of green. How did you come to this color and what do you love about it?

Berolzheimer: I’ve always been drawn to dustier shades of green. Our branding for JB and previous collabs took inspiration from that color, so naturally we wanted this collab to be a continuous extension of that.

Lauren: You have beautiful crockery in your collection. Any tips for creating beautiful tablescapes?

Berolzheimer: I always love a table that feels layered and coordinated but not too matching. I usually start with a printed tablecloth and then build everything else on top of that. We have a mix of different prints in the collection that you can use for this layered look. The collection is designed for lazy summer days by the pool with minimal fuss (melamine works great for this) but also looks lovely styled a little more formally with a full place setting, as we did for our launch dinner.

Lauren: What are some of your favorite Pottery Barn pieces that aren’t from your collection?

Berolzheimer: I’ve always stocked up on Pottery Barn’s beautiful solid tablecloths. I have complete sets in blue, light pink and white. These can be placed excellently in printed parts and are always nice to hand. I also love our teak pool umbrellas and outdoor dining chairs with durable faux rattan.

Lauren: How would you coordinate or style your pieces with other Pottery Barn pieces?

Berolzheimer: Pottery Barn is known for such beautiful, timeless basics. You really can mix and match so many pieces from the collection with almost anything from Pottery Barn. I had fun creating the collection with a mix of different Pottery Barn furniture, especially ones with textures like their rattan and natural wood pieces.

The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.


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