Warm welcome home for Northampton’s Alan Carr, including an altercation at Derngate Auditorium on Friday night

“Welcome home Wayne Carr,” came a loud heckling from the crowd at the Royal and Derngate on Friday night (May 13) as Alan stormed back onto the stage for his final stand-up tour.

He didn’t even stop to think and launched straight into a tirade about his “charming” welcome home to Northampton as he strutted up and down the stage in mock anger, tossing his head.

Carr soon left the heckler to introduce his support band – Louise Young – who has toured with the likes of Jason Manford and has been billed as one of the brightest new names on the circuit.

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Alan Carr had a warm welcome home on Friday (May 13).

Turkey’s Georgie Young didn’t hold back and audiences immediately warmed to her with tales of drugs, lesbian relationships and Maggie Thatcher.

Young didn’t take himself seriously, taunted himself the whole time and kept the audience in suspense for half an hour before the main event.

After a brief hiatus and a quick trip to the bar for many, Carr was back on stage before his set.

Meanwhile an argument had broken out in the lower part of the Derngate auditorium, with a group of people arguing.

It was loud enough to catch the attention of Carr on stage, who couldn’t quite believe what was happening. He was speechless for a few seconds before attempting to figure out what was going on, much to the delight and shock of the rest of the audience.

Carr began heckling towards the group, which was quickly joined by the rest of the crowd before the group was escorted out of the auditorium by an officer.

I, along with everyone else who bought tickets for Carr’s Regional Trinket tour, had waited two long years to see her after Covid postponed the show in 2020 and again in 2021.

So much has happened in that time, none more so than for Carr himself, whose personal life made headlines in January this year with the shock news that he was divorcing his partner of 13 years, Paul Drayton.

Just days later, Drayton ended up in jail after being convicted of alcoholism after struggling with alcoholism for several years.

Given that Carr’s entire set was based around his star-studded 2018 wedding and his life in lockdown on the couple’s farm, I was intrigued to see how Carr has tackled recent events.

Very bravely, the Chatty Man hit it straight and instead of rewriting the entire tour, he tweaked the content as he went.

Speaking to Lorraine on ITV last month, Carr said: “This is one of my most personal stand-up shows.

“I wrote it on the spur of the moment as things happened while I was on tour.

“It’s heartfelt, emotional, fun and uplifting.”

So there we were, sitting in Derngate on a Friday night in the wake of the pandemic, listening to what Carr called his “therapy”. And it didn’t disappoint.

“It’s all go to ****,” he told the audience, who were already hysterical just from his stage presence.

What could have been swept under the rug, Carr went on to “tell you all” about Drayton’s stint in prison, where he moaned about the conditions he was living in. To which Carr replied, “It’s a prison, not an episode of Four in a Bed.”

From Rose West references (which I probably won’t find in The chron) to Carr’s refusal to visit his ex in prison, it was all hilarious.

What a total genius to turn the content of the tour upside down and make it work.

There were also tales of woe as he was writing the screenplay on a train when a passing man erased the entire lot as his testicles landed on his laptop.

From getting married in Adele’s back garden in LA to visiting Celine Dion, Carr’s life couldn’t be more different than his humble beginnings in Northampton.

He has fond memories of days gone by at Northampton and that makes the show even more unique to me.

Carr, who claims to hate being the camp with his big teeth and glasses, is adorable and an absolute genius.

I haven’t laughed like that in ages and I’m already looking forward to his next tour, whenever that may be.

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