The dog staggers into the Yorkshire garden and ‘collapses in a pool of blood’, sparking fears of organized fighting

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Star wandered into a garden in West Yorkshire and collapsed in a pool of blood on Thursday morning (May 12), sparking fears of organized fighting.

The staffie was found by locals collapsed in the garden of a house in Basil Street, Bradford, surrounded by blood.

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RSPCA Inspector Demi Hodby rushed to collect the dog and took him to a nearby veterinarian.

Star will remain in the care of the vets until he is strong enough to be transferred to an RSPCA accommodation center

She said: “We checked a neighbour’s CCTV and it showed Star wandering off the road into the garden around 4.30am before collapsing in a pool of blood.

“The CCTV doesn’t show where Star is from and there’s no obvious trail of blood, so I think someone drove him into the area and dumped him in that condition.”

Ms Hodby added: “The poor star was covered in multiple injuries. He had a total of eight open, bloody wounds, all of which had to be cleaned and stitched under anesthesia.

“We were concerned when he took a long time to wake up from surgery but luckily he got through it and seems to be getting stronger now.

Star wandered into a garden in West Yorkshire and “collapsed in a pool of blood” on Thursday morning.

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“He has two particularly deep wounds on his belly and on his front paw.

“He’s bruised and bruised, feels sore, but now he’s up and walking around and started eating, which is wonderful to see.

“Vets believe his injuries were caused by an ongoing dogfight and we are concerned he may have been used in some form or organized fight.

Star will remain in the care of the vets until he is strong enough to be taken to an RSPCA accommodation center for rehabilitation and evaluation – but he is not ready for housing requests just yet.

The RSPCA said the star was an adult, unneutered man who was microchipped – but with details that don’t match.

Requests are now being made to trace the contract details back to the chip, which lists him as a ‘star’.

Officials are asking residents to check their doorbell cameras and security cameras to see if they can trace where the dog came from or if they have footage of a person or vehicle leaving it nearby.

“I urge anyone who may recognize him, live in the area and have CCTV or saw anything suspicious overnight on Wednesday to contact our appeals line on 0300 123 8018,” Ms Hodby added.

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