Council delivers double bundle of joy for couple – Mansfield District Council

As Carrie Green awaited the birth of her first child, she spotted an opportunity to bid on a community center website for a handsome family home in Mansfield.

Two days later, as she held baby Leo in her arms, she could hardly believe the news that she and husband Daymun had been offered the chance to start their family life in this brand new, energy-efficient community center.

Carrie, 29, and Daymun, 39, have been community house seekers for some time and are delighted to be among four families who have been offered leases of one of Mansfield District Council’s newly built semis on Saundby Avenue. The family moved in yesterday (May 15).

At first glance, Carrie saw them as just more council housing that she would bid on and probably not get. Little did she know at first that they were built to a highly specified energy-efficient passive house design, to a standard held by only about 170 houses nationwide and the only ones of its kind in Mansfield.

Recalling the moment she saw them advertised on the council’s apartment rental website, she said: “I’m on the 4th.

“I looked at Google Maps and the road looked great so I emailed to express my interest. I was 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant and was dying to move so our little one could have the best start in life.”

Later that same day, Carrie developed pain and bleeding, and having previously suffered a miscarriage, was concerned about the “rainbow baby” she was carrying and went straight to King’s Mill Hospital.

It turned out she was in labor and two hours later at 10.16pm Leo Green was born weighing a healthy 9 pounds 11 ounces.

“Later, at 3am, shaking with adrenaline and the amazement that was rushing through me at what I had just done, I looked at my phone and saw a response from the council saying we were for the property would be considered.” Carrie said.

She replied to the email to say she had just given birth and the next morning Council Housing Solutions team leader Paul Dawson responded by expressing his congratulations. The next day he was able to bring her double good news – her bid for Saundby Avenue had been successful.

“We are so excited! It’s the icing on the cake — a beautiful little boy and a great house,” said Carrie, a caregiver for her learning disabled husband.

“We met 12 years ago and married seven years ago and have been in love ever since. We lived in a two bedroom apartment on the second floor and had issues with antisocial behavior so we were worried about bringing our son. Now we are all looking forward to life in our forever home.

“We can’t wait to make our house our home. I look forward to everything: having a garden for some fresh air, in a great area where we don’t have to worry about antisocial behavior – a safe place to raise our son in love.

“Besides, I don’t have to climb two flights of stairs with the stroller!”

She added: “I’ve been researching passive house design and it’s all very interesting. Being an energy efficient home means the bills won’t be as high.

“I have always been very conscious of my carbon footprint. This house will help us to contribute to the protection of the environment. I would love to learn all the tricks to make the most of our beautiful, special home.

“I want to say thank you so much to the City Council for the opportunity to live in a place where we can be a loving family together – with a special thanks to Paul Dawson and the entire Homefinder team for their help. They really care!”

After months of planning, designing and building, the Saundby Avenue homes were officially handed over to the municipality by contractor Woodhead Construction on May 3 and were advertised on the municipality’s Homefinder website within 24 hours.

Cllr Marion Bradshaw, portfolio owner for Safer Communities, Housing and Wellbeing said: “We are delighted to hear the heartwarming news that these fantastic new homes are already improving the quality of life for those lucky enough to be offered a lease.

“Having a home that is affordable, energy efficient and built to accommodate a family for their entire lifetime makes so much sense and provides security for these renters.

“We wish Carrie and Daymun all the best and many more years of happy family life in their forever home.”


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