Bluewater’s Houses of Tomorrow shows appliances such as the Miele WWG 660 TwinDos washing machine and the Bora exhaust fan

Have you ever wondered what our homes might look like in a few years? According to the Houses of Tomorrow show in Bluewater, they could be full of personal robotic assistants, holographic fans, and machines controlled by how calm or focused you are Alex Langridge found out.

The Houses of Tomorrow presenter explains how the gadgets work

When I arrived, the first thing that caught my attention was a holographic fan that showed an image of a dog – mainly because it was colorful and spinning quite fast.

It features a four-beam LED-based rotor that spins, creating a 3D image that appears to be floating in mid-air.

Known as HYPERVSN Solo, it currently only displays pre-uploaded content, but I can imagine the technology taking off and being used in place of a TV, bringing the drama of EastEnders right into your living room.

It could probably even be used for Zoom calls, although I’m not sure having my boss hologramed into my house would be a selling point.

I was initially impressed by the frills – I’m a fan of bright colors – but practically I don’t really see the point in it.

Temi from Robots of London

Next I was introduced to Temi, a robotic personal assistant, and was immediately intrigued.

The Robots of London creation is voice-activated, can take a picture, “tell a joke”, move around the house safely with its built-in sensors, which means it won’t collide with your pet, and can be used to charge your pet phone or as a stand.

Realistically it’s an Alexa on wheels, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive in my eyes.

You can also call Temi when you’re not in the house and control his movements to keep an eye on what’s going on, or ask him to take a picture and follow the burglar in the event of a break-in.

There were a few hiccups in testing – like not picking up what was said and a slight delay when following a prompt – but it’s a robot, what do you expect? Still pretty cool.

Mynd Play helps keep calm and focused by turning on devices
Mynd Play helps keep calm and focused by turning on devices

Well, I’m not sure how I feel about this. At first glance I think it’s an excellent idea, but I can see it spiraling down if it were in my house.

Mynd Play just launched last week and is still looking for investors. Mynd Play is designed to help you focus, stay calm and in turn control devices.

Essentially, users set the box to either focus or rest and then set it to a specific level, say 60 focus. They then wear a headband and try to focus on one thought or activity. When they reach 60, the device connected to it turns on.

It was created to promote mental well-being and to help people practice calm.

I think this is extremely clever, but since the creators weren’t at the event I’m a bit clueless as to how it actually works.

But I could see this failing for me. If I hooked it up to my lamp and managed to get the required focus level, I would immediately lose focus causing the lamp to shut down and my stress level to skyrocket, the cycle continuing as the light trailed behind in and out.

The Bora hob in action
The Bora hob in action

But now to the stars of the show, good for me anyway. First, an induction hob with exhaust air extraction.

Bora’s cooking appliance, which manufacturer KitchenHaus says can cost around £2,600, is like any induction hob but has a built-in extractor fan that directs almost 100% of the steam or smoke down instead of up, so no longer a huge unit overhead.

The smoke is then either expelled from below or channeled through and out of the house.

I know I’m easily impressed.

Next up is household giant Miele’s WWG 660 TwinDos washing machine, which is said to be so sensitive it could wash a rose without losing any petals. I’m not sure why you would want that, but fair enough.

The machine is built so you don’t have to hand wash clothes and has a honeycomb interior to prevent snagging. Other features include detergent dispensers that dispense the correct amount per wash, special capsules for specific garments such as rain gear, and the ability to tell the system what colors, load or how dirty your clothes are.

The WallBox Quasar charger
The WallBox Quasar charger

I almost bought one there and then, but I don’t think trying to reclaim £1,490 for expenses would go down well.

The exhibition also featured a first-of-its-kind bi-directional electric charger called the Quasar Charger.

Manufacturers are hoping to launch it in Europe next year, and it works by storing electricity to charge your car, which can then be used around the house when needed, for example during a power outage.

Another gadget on display was a prototype smart fork that vibrates when you think you’re chewing too fast, too much, or too little.

Overall, I was pretty blown away by many of the products, even if I didn’t see all of their purposes.

Ender's 3D printer was also on display at the trade fair
Ender’s 3D printer was also on display at the trade fair

Find the 20-minute show at Bluewater’s Spring Home and Garden Event, featuring the best in home and garden products from a range of well-known brands and designers.

Organizer Michael Dynan said: “After the past few years we have always cared about our homes and gardens so it’s wonderful to be able to showcase so many great products and technologies at Bluewater.

“It is one of the leading retail destinations in the country and to be able to introduce many new products to its audience represents a fantastic opportunity.”

Shoppers can browse brands like Miele – which has just opened its new store at the center – Kutchenhaus, Moda, Easy Bathrooms, Lexus, Sleep ID, Freddies Flowers, Elmeda Grace and many more.

John Lewis will be offering his interior design services and Marks and Spencer will be running a competition to win his latest range of outdoor furniture.

A Sleep ID mattress where the degree of firmness can be changed
A Sleep ID mattress where the degree of firmness can be changed

James Waugh, Center Manager of the Greenhithe Center added: “The Spring Home and Garden event will be a fantastic opportunity to browse the latest products from top retailers – with Bluewater’s own brands joining forces with many well-known names from afar participate. “

The show takes place outside of the Village area of ​​the center and runs from 10am to 6pm until Sunday 22nd May.

One lucky visitor will also win a Miele Triflex Power vacuum cleaner. For further information, click here.


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