Garden Tour scheduled for this weekend | House and garden

The Hanford Garden Club Tour takes place on Saturday April 23 from 9am to 3pm.

Tickets are $25 and are available at the Ramblin’ Rose in Lemoore, Hofman’s Nursery, Gonsalves-Fasso or by calling Jana Dudley at 559-381-2689.

Ronny and Jonette Montgomery say their home is a little country in the city. On 2 1/2 acres they have varied livestock, a small orchard with apple, pear and citrus trees and a vegetable garden full of things the family enjoys eating. A gorgeous pool with a waterfall and slide dominates the back along with a cabana they recently added.

Stepping into the Wait Garden feels like you’re stepping into a little piece of England. David Austin roses are scattered throughout, along with white Iceberg roses. Sweet peas, jasmine and honeysuckle perfume the air. Flowers are everywhere; Foxgloves, camellias, daffodils, geraniums and hollyhocks.

At the back, the stone playhouse and flower shed look like they’ve always been there. Be sure and look for any memorabilia inside. There is a covered patio with a swing and a cabana with a table just waiting for tea time.

Behind the greenhouse are fruit trees and a vine arbor. An area is designated for composting. In the far left corner is a rose of Lady Banks overlooking her little piece of Merry Olde England.

The Noel house

Joy Noel calls her garden “organic”. She enjoys collecting seeds from her plants and tossing them where you want them to grow. She also has many self-seeding plants that she lets grow wherever they want. Her garden is whimsical and unstructured. In front she has wisteria, cacti, marigolds and rosemary. In her garden, along with her chickens, she has mostly drought tolerant plants. Many of them come from the Mediterranean or from South Africa, which does well here in Hanford. She especially likes her Lion’s Tail and Devil’s Tree. Raised beds are filled with beets and other vegetables. Sunflowers are scattered throughout the yard along with saw palmetto with its yellow flowers. All this is Joy’s “little piece of land” in the middle of the city.

The miller’s house

Patty Miller says her garden is always changing. New things are constantly being added. Patty and Mark are great collectors of rocks, cacti and succulents. They travel all over the world and bring new varieties with them. As you walk down the long driveway, after turning left at the large orange water buoy, you will notice several more large buoys to your left. Then you will see the huge cactus surrounded by smaller ones. Lots of garden art including gnomes, putti, critters of all kinds, old farming tools and rocks, rocks and more rocks are scattered throughout the site. Near the house there is a huge bottle tree from Africa. Be safe and look for a different type of bottle tree as you head towards the succulent hills.

Note the petrified wood and look for the two turkeys along the way. Behind the house is a more traditional garden full of flowers. Lots of pots hanging from the porch. What a great place to sit and enjoy the buzzing of the bees and the beautiful butterflies!

The picture book garden and the museum

A lot has happened in the garden lately! The “little stone house” is finished and can be used, especially for conferences, parties and special events. It has its own kitchen and toilets and is big enough for 50 people. Our Hanford Garden Club likes to use the cottage for meetings. Not only the children enjoy this garden, also adults can celebrate in this magical place.

Kids are looking forward to cooling off in Huckleberry’s Creek again this summer! This addition is a wonderful attraction for the garden. The ‘Creek’ is beautiful and very calming except when several children are splashing around and cooling off! Make sure to seek out the beautiful ‘Memory Garden’ sponsored by our very own Hanford Garden Club, just completed and oh so beautiful!

For several years, HGC has dreamed of a special garden to honor and remember our past and present members for their years of service and dedication to HGC. Our club is now 71 years old and is still growing and serving our community. I am sure you will be impressed! Come and stroll through Hanford’s special gem: proudly provided for our community and visitors.


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