The YouTube app will get more shortcuts to jump from a music video to YouTube Music

In case you forgot the YouTube Music app also makes videos

YouTube Music and the overall YouTube experience are closely related. You can play your YouTube-based playlists in the Music app, and whatever you like in one app will affect your recommendations in the other. And while YTM meets most listening needs – even with a feature to watch music videos right from there without logging into the full app – we usually just watch music videos in the full YouTube app anyway. But if you want to quickly jump to YouTube Music while watching a music video, Google has added more shortcuts so you can do just that.

As noted by 9to5Google, when watching a music video on YouTube, if the song is available in an audio-only format on YouTube Music, you’ll get a prompt to quickly jump to the app. The shortcut is in the player’s view to the left of the autoplay switch, and it’s clearly recognizable as it’s the full YouTube Music icon. Tapping it will start playing the song you’re currently listening to in YTM. There’s also a similar toggle in the video’s settings overflow screen, just below the “View in VR” option.


These two new shortcuts complement the existing “Do you only want audio?” Suggestion banner that also opens in some music videos. This remains the most visually prominent shortcut as it is a large, light blue button that appears below the video viewport. In our tests, however, it doesn’t show up for every music video – much like the drummer misses on filming days. heh – while these new shortcuts actually do.

This change is currently rolling out in the Android app, but it may take a few weeks for everyone to see it. If you want to check it yourself, make sure your app is fully updated.


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