Garden project for kids to dig!

Teens ready to get involved in National Kindergarten Week (Photo: Adobe)

getting your hands dirty

The aim of the federal kindergarten week is to get children’s hands dirty and to teach them to appreciate nature and cultivation.

Get kids involved in gardening (Photo: Adobe)

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From May 28th to June 5th, Green Thumb Week celebrates the fun that gardens can bring to children, as well as the benefits for parents, grandparents, schools or gardening businesses.

Children like to come into the garden (Photo: adobe)

As the National Children’s Gardening Week website says: Children love growing plants and love getting involved in the garden, but they are often impatient and want to see immediate results. National Children’s Gardening Week aims to capture children’s excitement at a time when the results are immediate.

Nationwide kindergarten week especially for little gardeners (Photo: adobe)

This means you can plant any popular crop virtually anywhere in the UK without fear of weather damage or the need for complicated shelter growing.

Little hands with green fingers can take part in the federal kindergarten week (Photo: adobe)

National Children’s Gardening Week was the brainchild of Neil Grant, Managing Director of Ferndale Garden Center near Sheffield, who is also BBC Radio Sheffield’s gardening expert and co-host of their weekly gardening phone, and is supported by the whole of the UK gardening industry.

Get your hands dirty during National Kindergarten Week (Photo: Adobe)

It’s now an annual celebration of fun, celebrated in homes, schools and community groups across the country, supporting the amazing Greenfingers charity dedicated to providing magical gardens to children in hospices suffering from life-limiting illnesses.

The whole family can take part in the federal kindergarten week (Photo: adobe)

The home and garden retailer Christow is also taking part in the exciting Green Week, this year helping the whole family to get involved with a large selection of garden products.

The week is held in partnership with Green Fingers Charity to share their belief that time spent outside in a natural environment can be tremendously beneficial.

Last year, National saw a 51 percent increase in searches for “gardening with kids tips” in the week leading up to the event, suggesting that interest in gardening with kids advice is particularly encouraged by National

kindergarten week. Growing fruits and vegetables is one of the easiest ways to engage kids and allow them to reap the rewards of their hard work.

During National Kindergarten Week, youngsters can create a mini-pond or mini-garden, build a snail track or treasure hunt in the garden, make a homemade suncatcher or pinecone bird feeder, and much more.

For a wealth of ideas for fun gardening projects and activities visit www.children’ Christow has a range of greenhouses to choose from that are suitable for growing crops.

For those who want to create a workplace with their children, Christow’s flower table with wheels is the perfect option and avoids adults having to bend down.

When new gardeners need a place to store their gear, Christow’s Narrow Sheds provide plenty of storage for all your essentials without taking up too much garden space.

All of the products featured and hundreds of other garden products are available on the website

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