I visited the new B&M store and garden center and had to fight my way through the aisles – Dayna Farrington

A huge new B&M store with a garden center opened its doors in the Black Country this week – and it’s drawn a crowd. So of course I had to stop by to see what all the fuss was about.

The new store at Birchley Retail Park in Oldbury opened on Wednesday 11th May. The discounter has taken over part of the former Toys’R’Us store, which closed in April 2018 following the collapse of the ailing toy chain. The new B&M store on Wolverhampton Road, off the M5, has created 55 new jobs for local people.

And the store enjoys great popularity among buyers – from day one. By 10:30am on opening day, huge lines had formed for those eagerly waiting to shop for their bargains.

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So I stopped by on Wednesday morning – along with hundreds of other people busy browsing the aisles. The huge parking lot was packed with cars by 10am.

The store had five checkout lines operational on opening morning – with extra staff helping with bag packing to keep the lines moving. The queues to check out were halfway down the aisles just hours after their doors opened – with one customer claiming they waited in a queue for around 45 minutes.

The lines for the tills at the new B&M were halfway up the store by 10.30am

I looked around the store to see what customers can expect – and most importantly, what bargains are on offer. But what first struck me was how busy it was on an early Wednesday morning.

I arrived just after 10am and the huge parking lot was full with little to no space left. It wasn’t the school holidays or the weekend, but you’d think it was a Saturday afternoon – the place was packed. And inside it got even busier.

The first aisle I entered was full of people. And even though you had fairly wide aisles, you still had trouble getting past people with trollies.

There are lots of home accessories to buy in the new shop
There are lots of home accessories to buy in the new shop

The same goes for the queuing system. Long queues meander through the individual aisles to the five cash registers in front of the store. The people waiting for payment would have no idea if another checkout in an adjacent aisle had a much shorter queue.

And those who want to browse the aisles where people are queuing? Pretty much impossible due to the sheer amount of people waiting.

The shelves were also still full, despite the many people shopping in the store and filling their baskets and trolleys. We even saw staff filling up the displays.

But you can’t deny the appeal of B&M. And I visit my local store very regularly to stock up on items – so I can see why this one has been so busy, especially with all the excitement on day one. I’m sure it will be a lot quieter in the evenings – and when the new excitement has died down.

Mrs. Hinch's dream – the shelves were full of cleaning products
Mrs. Hinch’s dream – the shelves were full of cleaning products

Customers can also pick up groceries, beverages, pet food, health and beauty products, housewares, electronics, DIY items, toys and gifts at the new store. And this store has 10 aisles of bargains!

I’ve definitely spotted a few of the bargains on offer too. On my visit I spotted a Flymo lawnmower for £89 and a Silent Night duvet for £32.

The Flymo lawnmower was £89
The Flymo lawnmower was £89

Any Mrs. Hinchers out there? You can get a bottle of Dettol cleaning spray for £1.99, while a giant pack of Dettol wipes is £2.99. A large bottle of Fairy Liquid was just £1.99, while wash capsules ranged from £2.99 to £10.99.

There is also a food and drink aisle. A 4-pack of Heinz Beans snappers was £2.49, while a 4-pack of spaghetti hoops would be £2.50.

There was an entire aisle dedicated to food and drink!
There was an entire aisle dedicated to food and drink!

A single pack of SuperNoodles was 59p, while a pack of Ben’s Rice was £1. A three liter bottle of Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Zero was any two for £4 or £2.30 each.

They also had an extensive range of outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting and garden decoration for the summer months. We saw a hanging rope chair for £30, while outdoor solar lights ranged from £3 to £24.

There was plenty of patio furniture, lighting and decoration for the summer months
There was plenty of patio furniture, lighting and decoration for the summer months

And the garden center was just as impressive. Sheds, rocks, plants, flower pots, lawns, compost, fences, you name it – they’ve got it. It’s also quite a large room.

I also noticed signs that larger items could also be home delivered. Those looking to brighten up their garden with beautiful flowers for the summer months can also grab a bargain.

With the great deals on flowers, you can certainly beautify your garden
With the great deals on flowers, you can certainly beautify your garden

There were some stunning hanging baskets and pre-potted plants for two for £10. Other pretty flowers were three for £4.50. You could even get a wisteria for £18.50.

Despite the insane opening day queues that almost put me off, I found the new B&M store to be a great addition to the retail park – and will certainly be well received given its ideal location close to the M5. I think I’ll definitely make a return visit…this time with my purse.

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