Prestige property: Former Fife farmhouse attracts interest

Todhall House, near Cupar, Fife.

The property is thought to date from the 17th century and was enlarged in the 1850s when its double nave front was added. The house has two south facing arched rooms and is comfortable and practical for modern use whilst retaining many attractive period features.

The property has been renovated and completely redecorated in the last 12 years with a new kitchen and bathrooms.

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Owners Will and Anita Crocker bought Todhall House in 2010 when they returned after 20 years in the United States. Will recalls, “When we came back we decided to split our time between Scotland and South Africa.” Now retired, he worked as an executive for a company in the US.

Todhall House, near Cupar, Fife. Image: DTXimages

Will explains how Todhall evolved over the centuries. “We think it was three houses. The back of the house was the dairy for milking. Once a working farmhouse it has been transformed to face the street with its new Georgian facade.”

Records show that the farmhouse was once part of the Dairsie Estate owned by the Earl of Elgin. The name seems to come from owner David Todd, who bought it in 1805. In 1984 it was included in the B-list.

Will continues: “It was a bed and breakfast in the 1990’s but the owners before us have turned it back into a home. During our renovation we restored the shutters, removed all carpeting and hired a local company in Cupar to sand the floors.

“We found the original slate in the hall – which was nine inches thick – which was machined and finished.”

Todhall House, near Cupar, Fife. Image: DTXimages

The kitchen has been replaced with a custom handcrafted and handpainted Murray and Murray design. Will says, “We found a beautiful image of a bull on the farm and commissioned Tiles of Stow to recreate it in painted tiles for the kitchen mural in the room above the Aga.”

The resulting artwork is a beautiful feature that blends the interior design with the outside view, which is filled with cows, sheep and horses in the foreground before drawing views to the more distant hills and sea.

The Crockers also upgraded Todhall’s heating system, adding electric underfloor heating in the bathrooms and kitchen and had the windows completely renovated to weatherproof them for the future.

The garden is spectacular and has benefited from two years of hard work from Will and Anita. He explains: “We made the decision to sell in South Africa just before lockdown and we were fortunate to be here during that time and just gardening.”

Todhall House, near Cupar, Fife. Image: DTXimages

The couple established a vegetable and orchard and a greenhouse, which produce most of Crocker’s needs. Will says, “We think the rhubarb has been there for 50 years.”

One feature the couple didn’t retain was an outdoor pool, which dates back to Todhall’s B&B days. Will explains, “I’m not sure if anyone used it, it was filled in, but we lifted the panels and made a rose garden out of it.”

The Crockers are often asked the name of their interior designer, but the decor is Anita’s work. One of the bedrooms is her quilt room – a hobby she picked up after retiring as a software engineer.

The couple are now moving south back to Will’s roots and setting up an old carpentry workshop in Devon, but not only will they miss the house but the area that made such a perfect retirement possible.

Todhall House, near Cupar, Fife. Image: DTXimages

Will says: “We are taking the dogs to Tentsmuir Sands which is just a phenomenal asset to anyone who lives nearby. And we’re both golfers – if you’re in North East Fife then this is definitely for you. We are definitely indulging this love of golf during our time here.”

Todhall House, near Cupar, Fife, is priced at over £1.2m on offer.

For more information call Savills Sales Representative on 0131-247 3738.

Todhall House, near Cupar, Fife. Image: DTXimages
Todhall House, near Cupar, Fife. Image: DTXimages
Todhall House, near Cupar, Fife. Image: DTXimages
Todhall House, near Cupar, Fife. Image: DTXimages
Todhall House, near Cupar, Fife. Image: DTXimages

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