Experts reveal that chrysanthemums can deter ants: Here’s how

The controversial Chrysanthemum knows how to start a conversation. This retro love-it-or-hate-it bud made a comeback in 2022—but while her aesthetic continues to divide flower lovers, it’s hard not to admire her secret pest-repelling power.

Experts have found that this flower can deter ants – the common pest that emerges from its dormant period in spring. Therefore if you are wondering how to get rid of ants This season, using this trendy bloom could be the answer. Here’s how.

Ant repellent with chrysanthemums – the natural way to keep pests away

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Garden experts including BBC world of gardeners Host Mark Lane and author Sarah Raven (her current favorite chrysanthemum is the smoky mother of pearl Avignon pink) have confessed their love for it garden trend. But the chrysanthemum is just as powerful in your home. Here’s what you need to know about her hidden abilities.

How do chrysanthemums deter ants?


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“Ant-deterring plants have a strong odor, so the aromatic scent not only keeps ants away, but also smells good in your home,” she explains Primrose Garden expert Evie Lane.

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