The best garden subscription boxes 2022: get plants for your garden every month


One of the most positive results of the last few years is that we appreciate the relaxing effects of being outdoors.

For many of us, the garden has become a retreat. Whether you’re a beginner gardener or have been potting and planting for years, these gardening subscription boxes will add even more joy to your green life.

For new gardeners, the scale and scope of planting can be overwhelming. The good news is that subscription boxes and plant supplies can help alleviate anxious feelings. Enjoy hand-picked seasonal plants or seeds, plus bespoke guides and tutorials to help you get the most out of your outdoor space. Also, most have a sustainable and seasonal focus. What could be nicer than helping the bees and butterflies to do their best?

Long-time gardeners may feel that a subscription box wouldn’t add to their existing knowledge, but many box founders say more experienced customers relish the opportunity to try different plant varieties. Plus, there’s the bonus of escaping the weekend garden center hype and spending more time planting what was shipped to your door. Don’t worry if you live in the city with no outdoor space, even in the smallest of patches there is room to grow flower and food seeds. If you have a window sill, you can join.

Before purchasing a gardening subscription, think about how much time you want to spend potting and planting. Some companies ship boxes every three months, providing a gentle entry point, while others ship many plants in a one-off box, or a few packets of seeds monthly. Choose a box that suits your gardening needs from our selection below.

Lazy Flora outdoor plant subscription

lazy flora

Lazy Flora was founded by Claire Ransom after she struggled to find plants for the balcony of her London flat. The aim of Lazy Flora is to make plants accessible regardless of the size of your garden. After inquiring about my garden and the amount of sunlight it was getting each day, a box was customized to my requirements. This service felt very personal, and when eight beautifully packaged plants arrived at your door a few days later, it was a joy to unwrap each package.

A highlight was the already blooming wild strawberry plant. The box came with planting instructions and ID tags so each plant was clearly identified. Unlike some other subscriptions on the market, this box contains established plants instead of seeds, giving you a head start when planting. The plants we tested were beneficial to pollinators and all looked full and healthy. Choose whether you want a plant delivery every month or every two months.


Seed Pantry Grow Club

seed pantry

Aiming to save subscribers 40% off retail prices, this box is ideal for trying out a variety of flowers and edibles in your garden or allotment. Founded by Neil Whitehead, who set out to grow vegetables from his first floor flat in London, this box contains everything you need to get involved in the grow-your-own movement.

Subscribers can choose six items from an extensive list of plants, including everything from pretty gladioli and anemones to zucchini, cabbage and kale. The selection of boxes changes with the seasons, and each comes with grow instructions explaining how to care for each plant.

Our box contained a selection of customer favourites, including dahlias, ixia, dwarf beans and even watermelon seeds that made us smile. One of the main benefits of this box is the seasonal selection and versatility in choosing what fits in each box.


The Rose Press Garden flower seed and bulb subscription

The rose press garden

Founded by Lizzie Fox during lockdown, The Rose Press Garden is a monthly flower subscription that aims to make gardening modern, fun and easy. Each box contains five packets of flower seeds or a collection of flower bulbs to be sown or planted that month. It is a pleasure to receive this box in the mail, with colorful tissue paper protecting neatly wrapped packets of seeds.

With its modern branding, we can see this is a winner with new gardeners taking their first steps into planting and potting. The box comes with five instruction cards that provide step-by-step instructions on how to use each seed pack. Plus, Lizzie has tons of how-to videos on her Instagram, blog, and YouTube channels.


Flourishy Gardeners subscription box


These boxes were brought to life as founder Kerry struggled to find useful gifts for her father. As an avid gardener, she thought a curated seasonal gift basket would be a gift he would truly appreciate. The business was born when friends asked to buy the basket she had created.

With boxes sent every three months instead of monthly, this subscription takes a slow-paced approach to gardening with an emphasis on relaxation and seasonal planting.

Subscribers receive a “gift for the garden and a gift for the gardener” each season. These include seeds or bulbs perfect for planting this season, biodegradable seed trays and seed pots for planting the seeds, and wooden seed labels. They also include an information sheet printed on wildflower seed paper.

As an extra gift, each box contains a watering can or handmade organic soap. This box has been carefully put together and a subscription would make the perfect gift for new or experienced gardeners.

£39.95 per season

garden on a roll

garden on a roll

This incredibly unique concept offers gardeners a ready-made border in a box. Plants are selected by the team based on the amount of sunlight and type of soil in your garden and then delivered to your door. The really brilliant thing about this box is the biodegradable plant template. Each plant is numbered, corresponds to the template and provides a handy reference guide to ensure plants are placed correctly. Many gardeners tend to place plants too close together, but the planting template gives you a professionally designed border with minimal effort.

Personalize your order by choosing the width and length of the border you would like to create. Unlike others on our list, this box isn’t a subscription, but a one-time delivery and is an ideal low-maintenance option for beginners. The best choice when you want a collection of curated plants delivered to your door so you can fill your border with ease.

£75 for a 40cm x 2m border

sperm cell

sperm cell

Seed Cell is a unique box designed for easy seed planting. With clever plantable pods packed with seeds that simply need to be placed in a pot of soil, this option is ideal for beginners who don’t have garden tools and want to avoid clutter in a small space.

Seed Cell Boxes contain 12 types of seeds and each box has a different theme. We were particularly enthusiastic about the burger toppings box (butter lettuce, beefsteak tomato, parsley, gherkin, cucumber) and the cocktail botanicals box (cucumber, rosemary, sage, lemon basil). Once planted, the seed pods absorb and retain the moisture they need. The pod protects the seeds as they begin to germinate before they naturally degrade leaving no waste and high quality, healthy plants behind.

Herboo Garden Beds grow kit


When this grow kit arrived, the attractive packaging immediately caught our attention. The design driven aesthetic of each branded seed pack made this box feel more creative and contemporary than others on the market.

Inside this mailbox-friendly package was a collection of seeds meant to be grown outdoors, including rudbeckia for late summer color, poppies, lupins, verbena, thyme, and even spherical carrots. Just as happy inside as outside, Herboos boxes have been designed to fit into any home, even those without an outdoor garden. They supply organic compost pellets with all their boxes and plants can be grown on the windowsill.

Reassuring for beginners, each pack contains many seeds (e.g. 2500 in the poppy pack), giving you the option of planting in small batches or replacing seeds that aren’t growing. Seed packets are also sold individually should you want more of your favorite strain. A great starter kit for new gardeners or those with limited outdoor space.


Garden boxes The garden box

garden boxes

Backed by the knowledge of an RHS expert, you can’t go wrong with this subscription. Garden boxes are supplied monthly and contain a mix of well established perennials and shrubs. Tell the team about your garden, including the type of soil and sun exposure, and whether you need a pet-friendly option, and they will select the plants that best suit your needs.

Plants vary by season, and those with smaller gardens can choose a container planting option. The box we tested contained a beautifully scented deep purple iris ‘Langport Wren’, Epimedium and a bee and butterfly friendly Verbena. This box has a few extra features that give it an edge over others, including a helpful monthly online tutorial that includes guided planting and watering advice for each of the plants in your box.

This subscription is ideal if you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed with choices at garden centers. A great way to build your garden border with well-informed decisions across the seasons.



lazy floraThe outdoor plant subscription box from was our favorite choice for quality plants, attention to detail and thoughtful eco-friendly packaging. The design aesthetics and the ability to purchase seeds separately gave herbo a corner. We can see new gardeners falling in love with the brand’s Instagram-worthy packaging.


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