opinion | The “culture war” diminishes what is at stake

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In its never-ending quest to turn politics into a game and dumb down the gravest issues, the media continues to use the term “culture wars” to describe a range of issues in which the right seeks to break through all government restraints Power in an effort to create a society consistent with a minority view of America as a white, Christian country. Using “culture wars” might suggest that this is a battle between two sides over seams, movie ratings, or “lifestyles” . If the media keeps up this distorting language, it will have a hard time explaining the firestorm that awaits the overthrow Roe v. calfif Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s leaked draft opinion prevails.

The fierce reaction from progressive interest groups and Democratic politicians across the country to the potential erosion of abortion rights — and possibly others protected by the 14th Amendment — should tell the media that it’s not all about “culture,” nor is it a war”. It’s a religious seizure of power by judges who, according to at least two Republican senators, have kept secret their intentions under oath roe. The Senate Judiciary Committee should hold hearings and the GOP-Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) to testify. If these senators were truly fooled, they should consider lobbying for extreme measures, including impeachment and a filibuster exception to codification roe.

It is important to recognize the nature of the threat to Americans in order to understand the reaction that would likely follow a judgment based on the principles outlined by Alito. A Supreme Court decision criminalizing abortion and extending the range of privacy and personal autonomy from 14 bedrooms in Georgia to a pharmacy counter in Ohio. Will the government dictate a set of views that have not had a majority in decades?

The right-wing judges and their supporters seem poised to reject one of the founders’ core principles: that religion shall not be imposed by government edict.

Other Republicans gave the scheme away. In his 11-point plan, Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, states: “The nuclear family is critical to civilization, it is God’s plan for mankind and it needs to be protected and celebrated. To say otherwise is to deny science.” Setting aside the utter incoherence (is it God or science?): The senator is expressly demands that state power be used in the service of his religious beliefs.

And it’s not a slip of the tongue. Like a number of Supreme Court justices, Scott would assert religious views while refusing to admit that his views came from any particular religious perspective. “Abortion kills human children,” Scott proclaims. “To deny that is to deny the science.” In fact, he wants to prescribe behavior based on the religious view that humanity/personality begins at conception.

This is not about “culture”. It is about the acquisition of state power to enforce theocratically driven positions. Issues dismissed as “culture” or “alertness” inevitably boil down to whether the government is restricting individuals’ rights (e.g., a rape victim’s access to abortion) and crowding out decision-making on matters like health care that Jealously protect individuals and families.

Not so long ago, “conservatives” advocated that the state, especially the federal government, should not control the entirety of civil society’s traditions, habits, and decisions. The family, for example, should be free to work out arrangements that reflect the values, beliefs, and views of its members in a pluralistic society. The principle of limited government posits that, unlike totalitarian states, which disregard personal conscience, family and religion, free peoples will not tolerate all-pervasive government. As Vice President Harris said Tuesday at an Emily’s List meeting, he repented roe would be “a direct attack on freedom, on the fundamental right to self-determination”. She continued: “When the right to privacy is under attack, everyone in our country can face a future where the government can intervene in their personal choices. Not just women. Everyone.”

In summary, the media’s acronym for “culture wars” is a subterfuge, a refusal to acknowledge that the rights and lives at stake are at stake for those who do not have the resources or power to defend themselves (e.g., for an abortion in travel abroad). The Supreme Court stands ready to shake the very essence of our constitutional tradition and strike at the heart of a pluralistic democracy. Let’s call it what it really is: sstate-enforced theocracy, or if you prefer religious authoritarianism.

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