“Lovely Dad” died after making a split-second decision in his backyard

A “loving” father died after being found badly injured on the street outside his home.

Barry Joseph Murphy suffered “catastrophic injuries” at Marcham Way, Norris Green on Thursday 27th May last year. An inquest into the death of the 46-year-old was held at the Gerard Majella Courthouse in Liverpool today, May 4, almost a year after the tragedy.

Chief Medical Examiner André Rebello told the court that Mr Murphy was at his home on Marcham Way on the day of his death. Mr Rebello said: “He had been in his front garden, he had been drinking.”

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From the alcohol content found in Mr Murphy’s blood in a toxicology report, Mr Rebello said, “We know he wasn’t particularly drunk.” While Mr Murphy was in the garden that day, Mr Rebello, a man, said drove by on a moped.

He said: “The man turned and had gone back to speak to Barry and for some reason Barry asked to try the moped.” Mr Murphy’s partner Nicola, who was present at court, confirmed to Mr Rebello that he did not have experience driving a moped.

Mr Rebello continued: “He got on the bike and was alone on the bike, he lost control and collided with a front yard wall and he separated from the moped.” Nicola said she saw her partner come up through the window the moped got off, but she did not see him hit the wall and when she got to the front door he was already on the ground.

Flowery tributes on the Marcham Way

Mr Rebello said: “All your worlds changed in just that split second.” Mr Murphy was taken to Aintree Hospital where he was pronounced dead. As the court learned, the 46-year-old, a trained carpenter, was not wearing a helmet when he got on the moped.

Merseyside Police have been called to investigate the circumstances of Mr Murphy’s death and how he was injured in the road. Lead Investigator Amy Murray said all evidence pointed to him being the “only occupant of the vehicle at the time”.

Mr Rebello, speaking from a “public protection perspective,” said Mr Murphy “did not ride the moped very far” and suffered “catastrophic injuries including head injuries”. He added that the collision shows the importance of wearing a helmet.

Floral tributes were left at the scene on Marcham Way
Floral tributes were left at the scene on Marcham Way

Mr Rebello said: “I considered recording this as a road traffic accident because he collided with the pavement, road surface or garden wall, but by all accounts this was a horrific accident and I will find one accidental death and multiple injuries. “

Mr Rebello said Mr Murphy made a “huge mistake” that day, but added: “We all make mistakes every day, everyone; it is fortunate that most are not fatal.” He encouraged the family to continue celebrating his life and the memories they shared with him.

After his death, Mr. Murphy’s tributes flooded social media as friends set up a fundraising page to support his family. A friend wrote: “RIP Barry such a lovely man with a heart of gold you will be greatly missed.”

Mr Murphy’s son John Unsworth wrote on Facebook at the time: “I will miss him for the rest of my life. i love you dad I really wish I could have just hugged you one more time.”

John also wrote on the ECHO website, saying, “My dad didn’t have any issues with anyone in the area as he was the type of person who wanted to be friends with everyone he met.”


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