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An the foothills of the towering San Gabriel Mountains lies the diverse community of Altadena, home to palm-lined streets and dotted with historic homes.

After a two-year hiatus, the Altadena Guild of Huntington Memorial Hospital home and garden tour returns for the 69th time on Sunday, May 1 in hopes of fulfilling their $100,000 commitment to Huntington Hospital’s new Heart Care Center by giving guests a tour of the house gives the architectural wonders of the community.

“Typically, our house tours attract a thousand or more people,” says guild member Elaine Bauer. “We truly believe we will achieve that, if not much more, and we hope to do so because the programs we support are so valuable to the community around us and also reach out, with HMRI and everyone else the discoveries they have made over the years that have helped people.”

The Altadena Guild was formed in 1951 to support the work of Huntington Memorial Hospital and has since raised millions of dollars to support the hospital and the Huntington Medical Research Institute.

The guild has also awarded grants to hospital workers and supported the Constance G. Zahorik Appearance Center to benefit cancer patients.

To support its mission, the Home and Garden Tour invites guests to a quaint stretch of Mendocino Lane to explore four neighborhood homes and gardens.

“It’s an iconic street that gives you a peaceful feeling as you walk,” says Bauer. “We have four beautiful houses and gardens on tour. Each house is stunning in and of itself and they all have completely different styles, so it will be a wonderful tour for guests to explore these different designs.”

The tour will include a house designed by architect Richard Bates, known to Bauer as the “Palm House,” which is home to a subtropical botanical garden with 140 species of palm trees.

Another house is an Italian-style villa with a garden area that features a pool and a bronze Venetian fountain next to the backyard.

The tour also passes a one-story modern house and garden, complete with a guest house ADU, and the fourth house, a classic Spanish-style two-story house.

“As you walk along, you’ll be greeted by palm soldiers lining the road, and as you walk northeast, you’ll see the mountains,” says Bauer. “It’s just beautiful. It’s an open area and the street will be full of communal tables, people roaming around and lots of music too.”

In addition to the Home and Garden Tour, there will be numerous vendors and community tables showcasing local Altadena and area businesses and sponsors, designated areas where both Porsche and Cal-Rods will be showcasing their cars, food and entertainment, including live music – and tango dance performances.

Guests will also receive a program with detailed descriptions of each home along with maps and advertisements for the businesses and organizations that support the Guild and its work, particularly Huntington Hospital and HMRI.

“Huntington Hospital has invested a lot of money in the health and well-being of the community that surrounds us, and that’s why we decided to invest those hundred thousand dollars in the heart care center,” says Bauer. “HMRI has also invited students and researchers to come to their fabulous facility in Fair Oaks, across from the hospital, to work on all of these really tough medical problems we face today and finding solutions to improve the quality of life for everyone to uncover us.”

2022 Altadena Guild Home and Garden Tour

WHERE: Mendocino Lane, Altadena

IF: 10am to 4pm Sunday May 1st

COSTS: $45 upfront; $50 day of tour



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