Daughter calls for independent police investigation into Ollerton man’s death

Corrina Bowman, 21, is calling for an independent investigation into the police who were handling her father’s case after it took her more than two months to find his body.

Lee Bowman’s body was found so decomposed that police told the family they could not determine the cause of death.

The 44-year-old from Ollerton went missing on the evening of October 31 last year after visiting a woman in Thurcroft.

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Lee with his daughters Corrina and Jodi

On January 3, the father of two was found dead in the garden of a home less than half a mile from the home of the woman he was visiting.

His parents reported him missing to Nottinghamshire Police and South Yorkshire Police launched a missing person investigation after there were sightings in the force’s area.

Speaking to the BBC, Corrina said she knew her father was dead and no one believed her.

She said: “I think I’ll probably spend the rest of my life not knowing what happened to Dad.

“Had they listened to us when dad actually disappeared, they could have found his body.

“We wouldn’t be sitting here wondering how he died.”

Weeks before his body was found, on December 6, a South Yorkshire Police spokesman was quoted as saying Lee was found “alive and safe” but “did not want to get involved with officers”.

Corrina said she was “distraught” when she saw this as she knew it was a “lie” and she was placed under the Mental Health Act after attempting suicide.

She told the BBC she knew officers didn’t speak to him because he didn’t contact his family or use his bank account.

Corrina was still in the hospital when she received a call that her father’s body had been found.

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The case was referred to the Independent Police Conduct Bureau, which however ruled that South Yorkshire Police should conduct an inquiry against themselves.

An IOPC spokesman said: “Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of Mr Bowman following his tragic death. Our sympathy goes out to them.

“After examining the information available in this case, we have determined that an investigation into the operation is required to locate Mr Bowman and whether he could possibly have been located sooner.

“We have directed the force to conduct this to ensure that all aspects of their investigation have been thoroughly conducted and receive a copy of the investigator’s final report, ensuring an appropriate level of independent scrutiny of the matter.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “The matter has been referred to our Professional Standards Unit and the inquiry is currently ongoing.

“We are currently awaiting the coroner’s file.

“While we await the coroner’s file, investigations are ongoing within our professional standards department and we will await full coronal exam results.

“We are unable to comment further at this time until this is done.”

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