The Borthwick couple open their doors to BBC TV show Scotland’s Home of the Year

Jean & David Short, whose house in Bellsmanins will feature in Scotland’s Home of the Year.

You can find out how the couple fared against two other houses in the Lothians heat of the popular TV show when it airs on Monday May 9.

Jean and David Short let the judges into Bellsmains, which they have called home for 40 years.

David said: “We’ve been watching the program since season one and enjoy being inspired by some of the beautiful homes. The judges are always very positive and highlight the best qualities, so we were confident that they would focus on those aspects of our house.

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The living area in the newest extension.

“It was quite exciting to show our home which has been a long term project and a special place for us to welcome friends and family. We have many fond memories and we feel that Bellsmains has a very positive vibe.

“I would recommend people to attend as it is a fun and interesting experience and gave us a glimpse of how television programs are made. We haven’t seen the program yet and we’re excited to see what impressions the judges have of our home.”

Speaking about the transformation of their home with three additions over the years, David added: “We absolutely love our home and feel very privileged to be able to shape it over the years.

“When we moved to Bellsmains it had a double and a single room. There was a small kitchen off the living room, the remains of an outside toilet and a downstairs bathroom. The house had no heat, we had to rewire, re-pipe, re-roof, and treat moisture and woodworm.

Bellsmains, Borthwick.

“After everything that was necessary was done, we started our family and quickly realized that either the house had to grow with it or we had to move. We loved the location so much that we expanded twice over the next few decades to accommodate our growing family.

“As time went on and our family grew and moved away, it looked like we might need a smaller home. However, grandchildren have since arrived and we scrapped that idea as they often come back to stay at the weekend.”

Referring to the impressive latest expansion, David added: “Our latest additions and renovations started in January 2020.

“Shortly after the kitchen was ripped out and the gable end of the house ripped down, the pandemic struck and the end of the house, balanced on pegs, had to be boarded up for several months before builders could go back to work.

Bellsmains, which will be featured in Scotland’s Home of the Year on BBC Scotland.

“We were fortunate to have family and friends who helped us by dropping off cooked food and we got very used to having takeaway and microwave food for six months until the new kitchen was up and running became.

“The current configuration of the house is more open than in the past, making the most of the views over our beautiful garden and allowing the family to cook, eat, work and play together. It has been a lot of work to get to this stage but we think it was worth the wait.”

The latest addition to Bellsmains.

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