Mom and her two children lose their Little Piece of Heaven garden in a landslide nightmare.

Victoria Bowden was a proud first-time buyer, but now she doesn’t know what to do after being denied access to her own back garden for more than a year – and leaving her young children nowhere to play

Victoria Bowden is no longer able to enjoy her once beautiful garden at her Torquay home, which she bought in 2019

A single mother is devastated after her dream garden becomes too dangerous for her children to play in next door following a landslide nightmare.

Victoria Bowden was a proud first-time buyer when she moved into her Torquay home with her two young children in 2019.

Three years later, their “little piece of heaven” is anything but after a string of developers bought and sold the neighboring property that has become a “landslide.”

Homeowner Victoria says the property has changed hands four times as property prices have skyrocketed on the south coast of England.

Now she and her children, who are now eight and 10, have lost their sunny piece of heaven because they can no longer use their once beautiful back garden, reports DevonLive.

The garden, which boasts stunning views over Torquay, is no longer safe for the family to relax in after the recent works, according to the heartbroken mother of two.

Victoria and her two young children have not had access to their garden for more than a year


Victoria Bowden/BPM Media)

Victoria said: “We have not had access to our garden for 13 or 14 months now – since March last year. The contractor said it would be built by August.

“When they began work, the builders placed a bungee cord across our gate at the top.

We only have a small backyard, but that garden upstairs was our little sunny sun trap. The kids are eight and ten now and we would go out together. I was just screwed.

“I bought this home in 2019. I was a first time buyer and very proud of what I had achieved for myself and my children.

“The garden was small but it was a usable sunny outdoor space and we regularly sat up there together. There was a piece of land next to my house that was being auctioned.

“Actually, it has already been auctioned four times to different property developers, who all intend to build a house on it. They come by, contact me, promise to compensate me for my troubles building, and then after they sell the land to the next person who comes by and does the same, they leave.”

She says the property next door has been sold four times in the three years she has lived on the property


Victoria Bowden/BPM Media)

After the final work, she said the excavators showed up, but then everything stopped and the property is now up for sale again:

“It is extremely dangerous and I will not allow my children to go there! It’s an accident waiting to happen.

“Now the land is being sold again and the whole process starts all over again. I have zero confidence that the next developer won’t do the same. I can’t afford legal representation.

“I can’t afford to fix this myself, it would cost thousands. I am really in a situation here and would appreciate advice on what to do.”

The current owner of the property, Anthony Tester, says the landslide was caused because a retaining wall, which was to be built when the houses were first erected, was not in place when the original drawings were signed by Torbay Council.

He said: “I feel for her and I understand her concern. As we began work, we discovered that the retaining wall of their property was non-existent. There is no question that the wall will not be built.

“The wall is on her land and I told her I was ready to help her. What happened here is a force of nature.

“The property was sold because my health changed. It’s a good piece of land on which to build a large property.”

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