La Crosse County Real Estate Transfers for Sunday May 1st | Home & Garden

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. Some transfers are exempt from transfer fees by law; These properties are listed without prices.


Angela Hoch to Angeli Engel and Blake Mason, 1215 Winnebago St., $185,000.

Neighborhood Rentals LLC to Joseph Cappuccio and Paige Nobrega, 2010 George St., $165,000.

Debra Johnson, Beth Schams and Thomas Schultz to Courtney Frick and Levi Riness, 2308 Losey Blvd. S., $189,900.

Whitney Seckman to Karen White, 1930 Kane St., $170,000.

Crystal and Stephan Brunelle to Lili Gundersen and Cole Sexton, 215 17th Place S., $310,000.

Julie and Michael Garbisch to Angeline and David Abts, 219 and 221 Seventh St. S.

Kyle E. Ritter to Kyle E. and Kyle H. Ritter, 2106 Kane St.

HNT Properties LLC to Treytan Stalsberg, 1625 Adams St., $175,000.

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Albert Smith to Leanne and Steven Burzinski, $180,000.

Erica and Samuel Costigan to Quentin Burant and Elizabeth Galstad, 2936 Fairchild St. E., $230,000.

Jessica and Paul Leckie to Alexandra Theisen, 1728 Cass St., $433,800.

Bullseye Property Investments LLC to Jonathan and Ruth Beardmore, 1108, 1110, 1112 and 1114 Rose St., $250,000.

Touch from Tile LLC to BNW Enterprises LLC, 617, 619, 621 and 623 Rose St., $320,000.

Path Investments LLC to Danna and Vincent Johnson, 2123 15th Place S., 1551 Horton St., $215,000.

Path Investments LLC to St. Joseph Rental Properties LLC, 416 Caledonia St., $95,000.

Jones Family Irrevocable Trust to Anthony and Michelle Kromke, 5045 County Road B, $270,000.

Path Investments LLC to Benjamin Ballantine and Jordan Tredinnick, 1433 and 1435 Caledonia St., $190,000.

Path Investments LLC to SDA Ninth St. Property LLC, 125 Ninth St. S., $125,000.

Dewey St. Paul Street Properties LLC at 717 Rose Street LLC, 717, 719 and 721 Rose St., $280,000.

Theresa Monti to Steven and Theressa Monti, 3324 Greenspire Lane.

Mary Wieman Estate at First National Bank Bangor, 2303 Winnebago St.

Forte Properties LLC to Matthew and Robynn Curtis, 1701 Onalaska Ve., 1509 Rublee St., 432 Cass St., 2018 State Road, 137, 139 and 141 Ninth St., 314 and 316 Caledonia St., 1709 and 1711 George St. , 136 Eighth St. S., $2,331,000.

Matthew and Robynn Curtis to Mezzo Properties, 1701 Onalaska and 1509 Rublee St.

Matthew and Robyn Curtis to Tempo Properties LLC, 342 Cass St.

James and Julia Mannion to the James and Julia Mannion Joint Revocable Trust, 2002 Cass St.

Matthew and Robynn Curtis to Crescendo Properties LLC, 137, 139 and 141 Ninth St. S.

Matthew and Robynn Curtis to Fermata Properties LLC, 314 and 316 Caledonia St.

Matthew and Robynn Curtis to Allegro Properties LLC, 1709 George St.

Matthew and Robynn Curtis to Andante Properties LLC, 1711 George St.

Matthew and Robynn Curtis to Cappella Properties LLC, 136 Eighth St. S.

Path Investments LLC to Pedace Co LLC, 307, 309, 311 and 313 23rd St. S., $390,000.

James Hoeschler Revocable Trust, Janice and Jay Hoeschler, John Hoeschler Revocable Trust, Lucretia Jesse and Eric and Virginia Wheeler Trust to Green Circle Property Management LLC, 2500 County Road SS, $810,000.

Quadrapar Development Co LLP to A&B Estates LLC, 2400 Harvey St., $350,000.

Northern Lights Investments LLC to Shane Carroll and Isabel Schulz, 2534 George St., $153,600.

Anna-Lisa and Martin Hunter to Trent Kastenschmidt, 2011 Strong Ave., $245,000.

Sally Murphy Irrevocable Family Trust to Heidi Aspenson, 1927 Madison St., $260,000.

Samuel Morris and Adam Vanliere to Susan Schuyler Trust, 2123 Cass St., $235,000.

Steve Earp to Steven Earp Revocable Trust, 2509 George St.

Jeremiah Anderson to Wisco Property Group LLC, 1721 Liberty St., $97,000.

Timothy Smith to Barry Hastings, 1102 11th St. S., $87,000.

Scott Lofgren to Madisen Feyen and Collin Hansen, 2142 Winnebago St., $168,000.

Southside 12 LLC to Heather Brown, 1041 Green Bay St., $131,000.

Kellsie and Mathias Harter to Zachariah Harter, 1415 Stoddard St., $85,000.

Great River Homes LLC to Rosalie Defino and Tony Letourneau, 6015 River Run Road, $354,900.

Alexander and Vanessa Blokhuis to Ellyn Halley, 2172 Diagonal Road, $175,500.

Ashley Tappendorf to A&A Rental Properties LLC, 803 21st St. S.

Tami Heuker to Ronald and Theresa Heuker, 1501 10th St. S., $128,000.

Aaron TAppendorf to A&A Rental Properties LLC, 1317 South Ave.

Aaron and Ashley Tappendorf of A&A Rental Properties LLC, 416 and 418 Losey Blvd S.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Joel and Kelsie Whited, 1218 16th St. S., $135,000.


Marissa and Matthew Haffemann to Brittany Remold and Riley Schmidt, 917 Green Bay St., $266,000.

Oak Forest Partners LLC to Tippetts Rentals LLC, 310 Main St., $410,000.

Carolyn Greene and Lucas Morrissey to Nicole Pederson, 211 Coachlite Court S., $410,000.

First Choice leases 2 LLC to JT Investment Group LLC, $660,000.

Nathan and Nicole Haase to Rachel and Trevor Lopez, 1064 Green Bay St., $259,000.

Jennifer and Michael Hanson to HNCInvestments LLC, 1123 and 1125 Redwood St., $270,500.


Joanne Kapanke to Susan Kapanke.

VRMTG Asset Trust to Scott Clark and Alice Krajewski.


Christopher and Saro Anderson to Whistling Wings Properties LLC, $407,460.

Scott Dobrunz to Kong Meng Xiong and Som Xai Xiong, $385,000.

Feyen Rentals LLC to Susan Storlie, $345,000.

Steven Lunde and John Vivian to Christopher Richgels, $200,000.

Feyen Rentals to Alice and Gary Waldhart, $345,000.

Scott Stanhope to Walters Investments LLC, $235,000.


Brittney and Timothy Schaller to Katie Tschumper, $215,000.

Laurie Shogren Revocable Trust to Allison Gagzna, $226,000.

Greenfield Addition LLC to Kassandra and Peter Opsahl, 377 and 379 Panther Pass.

Kassandra and Peter Opsahl to P4K Properties LLC.

Seven Rivers Properties LLC to K&D Properties West Salem LLC, $325,000.


Eugene Shumann to Kylie Doberstein and Joseph Lewis, $186,100.

Eugene Shumann to Richard Loomis, $174,900.

Anthony and Michelle Kromke to Cristen and Jon Houlihan, $300,000.

Steven Earp to Steven Earp Revocable Trust.

Katherine Thiede to Melissa Mihalovic, $236,500.


Anthony and Hannah Lamore to Emily and Kristopher Garner, $240,000.

Dev Patel to Jayesh Patel, $850,000.

Barbara and Donald Hankins to Martin Olson, $500.


Angela Puent to Richard Puent Jr.


Michael and Marguerite Marshall Living trust Eric and Heidi Hesselberg.

Margaret O’Grady-Willer and Randal Willer to Randal Willer.

Marcella Kastenschmidt estate to Jon Kastenschmidt.

Marcella Kastenschmidt estate to Jon Kastenschmidt.


Danner Irrevocable Escrow Agreement with Kalli and Michael Damrow, $210,000.

Chad and Megan Ziergibel to Jake and Janelee Brown, $410,000.

Joyce Urbanek to Kristine Ellis, $18,600.

Janice Clott to Janice Clott Irrevocable Living Trust.


Deborah and Todd Stafslien to Austin and Lauren Hegenbarth, $260,000.

Chassidy and Jake Hastings to Emily Johnson and Jackson Perry, $284,900.

Douglas Ender and Claire Prudent to Samuel Buchner, $270,000.

Stanley Paalksnis to Thomas Paalksnis.

Jeffrey and Sara Kessler to the Jeffrey and Sara Kessler Joint Revocable Trust.

Wilson Family Trust on agreement with Ah Moua and Ger Xiong.

Gavaghan LLC to Ah Moua and Ger Xiong, $90,000.


Robert Flum to Lovell Pederson, $17,000.

Ronald Wagner Estate to Paula Wagner and Michelle Waldner.

Paula Wagner to Michelle and Waylon Waldner, $61,400.

Craig and Heidi Pederson to Alexander and Vanessa Blokhuis, $270,000.

Matthew Tully to Amanda and Benjamin Digman, $23,000.


Brent Brudos to Dawn and Terry Meyers, $65,000.

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