Amazing Spaces’ George Clarke visits the St. Lawrence Eco-House

Tonight (Friday) TV star George Clarke will unveil an eco-friendly home and stunning garden in St Lawrence – and you can watch it on Channel 4 at 8pm.

Haddon Lake House features studios for landscape designer Phillippa Lambert and graphic design and architectural illustration specialist Steve Lambert, collaborating as Lake House Design.

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The house is no stranger to TV screens – it was a finalist in the 2006 Eco House of the Year category Great designs Awards and showed the television series in 2008 I own Britain’s finest house and gardenwhere it won the program five out of six.

Filming for the Channel 4 series took place here in August 2015, build the dream and recently Channel 4 returned to film George Clarke’s Amazing Rooms.

Haddon Lake House, St. Lawrence, featured in George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

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Phillippa said, “George Clarke was just as engaging and charming as he appears on screen. A larger-than-life character – exuberant, vivacious, energetic – who the film crew clearly loved.

“He was obviously smitten with the house and had infinite patience to get just the right shots.

“George rowed up and down the lake (with great experience as a rower) and managed to follow some very precise instructions from the manufacturer!

“The main focus of his remarks was the subtle Japanese influences on the design of the house combined with the tranquil and appropriate landscape in which it is set.”

Isle of Wight County Press:

Inside Haddon Lake House, St. Lawrence as featured in George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

Haddon Lake House is a self-built home in a restored historic setting. The two-acre site was formerly part of the grounds of Old Park, an 1820’s Victorian mansion.

In 2002 Phillippa and Steve were granted permission to build a modern home on the lake property on condition that this landscape be restored to its full splendour.

The house is a self-built modern “boat house” with Japanese influences that seems to float on the water.

The light-filled interior and the reflections of the water feature a coherent palette of natural materials and glass surfaces. These natural materials connect the entire structure to its surroundings, creating a cool, contemporary building that blends seamlessly with its landscape.

The landscape restoration project included the careful restoration of the early Victorian walled kitchen garden, complete with historic greenhouse, cold frames, flower sheds and pathways arranged in a decorative potager design.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Phillippa and Steve in the garden.

A contemporary, Japanese-influenced courtyard borders the walled garden.

Restoration of the 1.3 hectare lake, complemented by a gravity-fed fountain, and the adjacent wooded area, where replanting reflects the site’s preferred microclimate, completed the restoration.

Described in print as “a miniature lost garden of Heligan in a magical setting by the sea”, the gardens at Haddon Lake House hark back to the philosophy of ancient gardens to preserve body and soul.

Andrew Wilson, Garden Author and RHS Chelsea Show Garden Assessor, wrote: “Some places are just special, revealing their unique character as you arrive and attracting the visitor with a distinctive personality and presence. Haddon Lake House is one such place; one immersion in its lonely beauty and you will be hooked forever’.

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