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Do you want to make your home luxurious but don’t have a fortune to spend?

On today’s show, which airs at 7pm, presenters Sophie Morgan and Michelle Ackerley speak to industry insiders on how to transform a luxury home and garden as prices soar.


Sophie Morgan and Michelle Ackerley reveal how to transform your home on a budget on tonight’s Channel 4 show Luxury For LessCredit: Unknown, clear with picture desk

From where to find identical plants and electronics for a fraction of the normal price, and get premium paint and tiles for less, the experts share their top picks…


It can be tempting to head to a garden center to stock up on indoor and outdoor plants for your home.

However, florist and plant buyer Petra Shouten advises you to go to the supermarket instead, as the same plants are often cheaper there.

She said: “Garden centers and nurseries have really wide and deep choices, but supermarket retailers offer a really quick, off-the-shelf option.

“You can walk away with a really good bargain, in some cases 25 to 50 percent cheaper than in a garden center.

“It’s a different buying model.”

You might want to try supermarkets instead of garden centers for cheaper plants


You might want to try supermarkets instead of garden centers for cheaper plantsCredit: Alamy


You may have a heart for a designer chair or piece of furniture, but can you tell the difference between a luxury item and a dupe?

On the show, Wolverhampton pundits gave Vinnie and Hannah three pink 1920s-style chairs as gifts.

The most expensive was £395 from Oliver Bonas, the second £149 from Dunelm and the cheapest £100 from B&M.

But could they tell the difference?

Sitting on the B&M custom chair, Hannah said, “I think that’s the most expensive thing, it’s really soft and I think it’s the details.”

Michelle advised, “If you’re just after that luxe look, chances are you can get it for much, much less.”

Avoid catalogs

Filling your home with designer items has never been easier and glossy home catalogs are selling the show home dream – but are you paying too much?

Sophie said, “Most of the items found in these catalogs are not made by the catalog companies.”

Michelle added: “They are bought in from the manufacturers and then sold to you at a markup.

Sophie continued, “So with a little homework, you can find the same items a lot cheaper elsewhere.”

You should opt for commercial color and designer dupe furniture to achieve a luxurious look for less


You should opt for commercial color and designer dupe furniture to achieve a luxurious look for lessCredit: Alamy


Every year UK households spend over £500m on tiles, but could we save money?

Many of the tiles we buy are manufactured abroad and many high street shops charge you the privilege of importing them abroad.

Sophie advised, “But if you know where to look, you can get them for half the price.”

Michelle shows off a tile from high-quality Boutique Stone, priced at £47 per square metre, and then unveils the exact same tile at £17.99 on Tile Expert.

To paint

Should you spend on expensive paint or will cheaper dupes do the trick?

Homeowners Becca and Shaun were tasked with finding the most expensive color from three similar shades.

They got that completely wrong and thought the Good Home option, which cost £6.80 a liter, was the most expensive.

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It was actually the cheapest compared to Dulex at £16.80 a liter and Little Great at £26 a liter, which they priced lower.

Decorator Mike Cupit said, “I’ve been telling my clients for years that commercial colors will outperform the luxury brands.”

On the show, Johnstone’s Trade placed first overall in their tests.


The UK buys 8 million TVs a year and two thirds come from the four biggest well known brands: Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony.

But is brand loyalty the best way to shop, and should you consider companies like TCL instead?

TV repair specialist Tad Vaas said: “When you pay for Sony, you pay a lot for the brand itself.

“While TCL makes TVs for all the big brands, they didn’t have to go through the whole process of how to sell a good TV, they already do.

“TCL uses smaller circuit boards, smaller components and that’s where the TV comes from.

“Small components for a similar result.”

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