Ramsgate Kent: Overgrown garden engulfs house and van

The dystopian-looking garden has caused grief to neighbors (Image: UkNewsinPictures)

A garden in Kent has become so overgrown that a postman is now refusing to deliver mail there.

Branches and vines have spread to nearby properties, leading to a growing number of complaints.

Dramatic photos show how much nature has taken over the garden in the town of Ramsgate.

A delivery truck overlooking the street is almost engulfed in leaves and branches while huge trees tower over the house.

The city’s local postman has stopped delivering letters through the property’s front door – saying the messy garden is making the house “undeliverable”.

A neighbor claims he was forced to rebuild their wall due to the out of control vegetation.

A blanket of green covers the entire home in Ramsgate, Kent (Image: UkNewsinPictures)

Neighbors are beginning to lose patience with the growing garden (Image: UkNewsinPictures)

It is believed that there is little natural light due to the many trees inside the property.

A disgruntled neighbor told The Sun: “Locals are aware, the PCSOs and fire brigade have been there a couple of times.

“I don’t understand why there is no responsibility for it. They have people pacing and picking up trash.

“I have to seriously think about what’s the point if you have this.

“It’s not as bad as it was; it was shortened a bit. But the front is completely overgrown.’

Council officials have been urged to step in and take action (Image: UkNewsinPictures)

One of the neighboring properties had to rebuild its garden wall (Image: UkNewsinPictures)

Thanet District Council reportedly had difficulty contacting the owner of the house.

Ted, another neighbor, told the Sun: “He’s very nice but really a bit withdrawn. The house is definitely inhabited.

“But he doesn’t do much with it. He leaves us alone, so let’s leave him alone.’

Meanwhile, Rena Reves said her mystery neighbor is “an enigma shrouded in bush”.

She added: “There used to be a small path leading to the front door but that’s long gone.

“Some of the vines have migrated to the chimney of the other house, and if it gets into the brickwork, that’s no good.”

But an anonymous friend of the homeowner claimed the homeowner was a “loving man” who had “done much for charity.”

The friend added that the man preferred to use the back door to get in and out of the house.

A spokesman for Thanet District Council said: “We are aware of the situation at the property at Boundary Road, Ramsgate and our Empty Homes team have attempted to get in touch with the owner on more than one occasion, unfortunately without success.”

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