In the cheapest family house on the market with a garden

FAMILIES on a budget can snag the cheapest house big enough for the kids on the market for just under £50,000.

A three bed house in Kilmarnock, Scotland is the cheapest family home listed on property portal Zoopla – and it comes with a garden.


This family home is on the market for just under £50,000
You need to factor in the extra money that will be needed to renovate the home


You need to factor in the extra money that will be needed to renovate the home
This house could be yours if you had at least £4,999 for a 10% deposit


This house could be yours if you had at least £4,999 for a 10% deposit

It’s almost £224,000 below the average house price, which is £273,762 according to the latest land registry figures.

It also comes with a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

A garden runs around the front and back of the property meaning there is plenty of space for the children to play.

Kilmarnock is half an hour’s drive from Glasgow, so very close to all the big shops.

A two-bedroom house could be yours for £40,000 - but be prepared for the inside
Families get PAID just for moving - and you could get up to £12,000

At £49,995 you need to save £4,999 to make a 10% deposit.

But before you jump in, you need to consider the cost of the refurbishment.

Some of the rooms – particularly the bedrooms and kitchen – are in need of an update.

There is paint on the kitchen countertops and the floor looks uneven.

In the bedrooms, on the other hand, the wooden floorboards are bare and also painted, and the door in one of the rooms has opened.

You should also have a home survey report done before you take the plunge and buy it.

Depending on which survey you get, it will show potential problems with the home – and how much it will cost to fix.

You can get a condition report which will cost at least £300 – it’s a traffic light report showing the condition of the various states of the property.

There’s also a homebuyer report, which costs a minimum of £450, and you’ll also get an appraisal and insurance replacement value – which is an estimate of how much you’ll get if the building burns down.

A property inspection costs £500 or more and is a comprehensive check of the condition of the property. It also includes advice on repairs, estimated costs and schedules, and what happens if you don’t make the repairs.

If you can’t manage to buy a home without buying one, you could end up paying tens of thousands of pounds more to fix the problems – like this first-time buyer did.

Families get PAID just for moving – they could get up to £12,000

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