I’m a gardening expert and these are the cheap DIY improvements you can make to add £26k in value to your home

IF you want to beautify your garden but don’t have the budget for a landscaper, then read on – these garden improvements can add value to your home without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or just want your yard to look its best, you can make these cheap improvements yourself.


An outdoor dining area can add up to £6,000 to your property and is a great place to entertain guestsPhoto credit: @our_home_style_/TikTok

The gardening experts at Roofing Megastore have revealed the best cheap DIY improvements you can make – and together they can add a whopping £26,242 to your home’s value.

Outdoor dining area

Homes with an outdoor dining area can add £6,164 to the value of your home, said managing director Gian-Carlo Grossi.

A couple shared on their TikTok account, Our Home Style, how they created their own entertainment space for just £1,800 after being quoted as paying £6,000 by a landscaper.

By simply adding a few paving stones from eBay, stylish chairs, a coffee table and an outdoor rug, the couple transformed their plain garden into the perfect place to host.

The couple even set up their own bar area so we know where their family and friends go on a hot summer day.

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Adding thousands to your property doesn’t mean you have to build something entirely new, it can be as simple as cleaning up what you already have.

Gian-Carlo said: “It may seem simple, but repainting your garden fence can completely change the look of your garden.

“Treating your fence while painting also protects it from the elements, from rain and snow to UV rays – all of which can cause the wood to crack and discolour.”

Adding a fresh coat of paint could add £4,500 to the value of your property – so put on your overalls and start painting.


Pergolas provide the perfect shady spot to relax in summer and have become a popular addition to gardens in recent years.

“Many people choose DIY structures to create shaded areas and outdoor living spaces.” Gian-Carlo explained.

A pergola can add £4,980 to your home, but it certainly doesn’t have to cost that much to install one.

A savvy woman shared how she created her own pergola for just £200 using a kit bought online.

Pergolas have become increasingly popular over the past two years


Pergolas have become increasingly popular over the past two yearsCredit: Latest Offers

clean lawn

A well-groomed lawn can make all the difference when it comes to getting potential buyers to make an offer.

Gian-Carlo said: “Lifting up your flowers or your grass every few months can go a long way as our study shows a manicured lawn adds £4,898 to the value of a home.”

All you have to do is whizz around your yard with a lawnmower and when you find that your lawn isn’t level.

There are some easy fixes for this too, smaller clumps you can just crush with your foot, others may require digging and some extra soil.

Learn more about how to smooth your lawn here.

You can re-pave or deep clean your patio to impress potential buyers


You can re-pave or deep clean your patio to impress potential buyersPhoto credit: TikTok/@abeardsmore

Clean patio

If your patio is looking worse there, you may not need to spend thousands to replace it or spend money on a pressure washer.

By giving it a good scrub, you could end up with a patio that looks as good as new without breaking the bank.

One woman revealed how she breathed new life into her patio simply by using 1lb cleaning product The Pink Stuff and a stiff bristled broom.

She simply covered the patio in the cleansing cream, scrubbed it, then rinsed off the excess with a bucket of water and it looked brand new.

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Gian-Carlo revealed: “Refreshing your patio could add over £5,700 to the value of your home whilst creating an attractive and usable outdoor space.”

So what are you waiting for?

DIY garden improvements that could add value to your home

These easy DIY projects can add up to £26,242 to your property

Al fresco dining area – £6,164

Paint your fence – £4,500

Build a pergola – £4,980

Cleaning your patio – £5,700

Keep your lawn and flower beds tidy – £4,898

TOTAL: £26,242

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