My neighbor’s trash blows into my yard and stinks

Keeping your own yard tidy and having a model home ready can be a chore enough without you having to clean up after your neighbor too.

Your outdoor space can be a beautiful addition to your home, but only if you keep it clean.


Trash from your neighbor’s yard could attract rats, but what can you do?Photo credit: Getty

But litter piled up in a garden is always a cause for concern as it could attract rats, mice and other pests.

That’s exactly what happened to a Quora user when he found out his neighbor’s trash was being blown into the yard.

And it was starting to smell quite bad.

Not only would the stench have come from the mounds of rotting garbage strewn about the grass, but a bitter argument was definitely brewing.

The user said: “I have the same problem on the day of the dustbin.

“The wind always blows everyone’s garbage into my garden. Mine seems to be the biggest and has a slope that seems to catch everything.

“Sometimes I pick it up and throw it away myself, but one day I got so fed up I gave it back to the neighbor.”

But Brits are starting to enjoy their outdoors more and more with warmer weather on the way, so you might find yourself in a similar situation.

In this situation, the resident had his own solution.

They said, “After two years, I started putting heavy rocks on top of the trash cans to keep them from flying up.”

But what can you do? And what are your rights? We explain.

What rights do I have?

Rats roaming around your garden obviously pose a major health hazard as you run the risk of infestation and attracting a whole host of other unwanted pests.

But it’s also a good thing, because the Environmental Health Department can step in and violently order your neighbors to clean up any trash if they break the law.

And legal action can follow if they don’t make changes.

BUT before you get that far, you should take the time to talk to your neighbor first.

You cannot enter the neighbors’ gardens to remove rubbish or leaves yourself.

Of course, you can pick up the rubbish that ends up on your property yourself, but it might be worth having a chat with them as a first stop to address the issue.

Most disputes with neighbors about the condition of a garden can usually be resolved by politely talking to them.

In fact, most people whose yards are a bit overgrown and unkempt are often unaware that their yard is affecting the neighborhood.

And often a quiet word is enough to do something about it.

What can I do?

If simply talking to your neighbor isn’t quite enough, you might want to take a more proactive approach to solving the problem.

An easy way to do this could be to reinforce the border between your houses to reinforce the barrier and hopefully prevent more litter from crossing the line.

“Put a small hedge and/or plants around the garden,” said experts at MyBuilder.

“It looks good while creating a windbreak, some privacy, preventing litter and trapping pollution. And it will add value to your property and street.”

You might also think about making your fence stronger or taller to prevent unwanted pests from entering.

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But the question of who owns which part of the fence and whose responsibility it is to maintain it has kept coming up – which has also led to some ugly arguments.

A mother was furious after her neighbors completely tore down her fence, leaving her “no privacy”.

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