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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The best of country music took center stage at Monday night’s CMT Music Awards.

Whether country, pop, rap or rock, we wanted to know: how do we like to hear music? Good question. Jeff Wagner also learned what kind of music we listen to the most.

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At Cheapo Records in south Minneapolis, there are almost as many ways to listen to music as there are genres. But there is one choice not on a shelf that will undoubtedly lead the way.

“It’s either iTunes or YouTube,” customer Michael Aultman replied when asked how he prefers to listen to music.

“I do Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and Pandora,” said Carlos Cruz.

CBS News polled around 1,600 adults about their preferred way of listening to music. Streaming services were the overwhelming number one at 43%. Research from MIDiA shows that more than 520 million people pay to play on services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Radio came in second, much to the surprise of the people at Cheapo. Manager Pat Wheeler thought they were CDs.

“Perhaps you would like to have a brochure with a CD or a record with the information. The story behind who took it,” said Wheeler.

Despite listing four streaming services he uses, Cruz was hoping to add to his CD collection Monday.

“Physically it’s nice to look at, you can feel it, you can go through the packaging and it’s nice to look at the art. That’s what I like about it,” Cruz said.

After streaming services and radio, third place was downloaded music, followed by CDs, vinyl and cassettes.

Only 1% of respondents used cassettes. The age group that used it the most was people under 30 years old.

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“They’re making a comeback. I see a lot of people getting back into cassettes,” Cruz said.

“A lot of young kids watch tapes these days,” Wheeler said.

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As for the type of music that adults enjoy most, rock comes first at 32%, followed by pop at 15% and hip-hop at 14%.

“It’s funny because Rock on the [Billboard] Charts is nowhere,” Wheeler said.

The rankings of these genres tilt when you go by age. Rock is the preferred genre of respondents aged 45-64, while hip-hop has a large lead among adults under 30, showing a generational gap as the genres became popular.

“You grew up with that, too,” Wheeler said.

Would you be willing to go to a concert in the next few months?

“Oh yeah, 100%,” Cruz said with a smile. “It’s also a feeling you get with music. When you’re personal, it’s like a man, a different feeling.”

That feeling is something that so many music fans have missed. Only 21% of respondents have attended a concert since the pandemic began. Some cited COVID as the reason. Many venues were also closed because of the pandemic, then opting for restrictions like vaccination requirements when reopening.

“It’s fun to see more shows [popping up]. Posters are on our board, more shows are coming, you know, full schedules of gigs on First Avenue and the other venues,” Wheeler said.

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30 percent of the adults surveyed state that they will attend a concert in the coming months.


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