The 20 most important garden trends that will increase the value of your property by up to €10,000

A new study by building and renovation experts, Roofing Megastore, reveals the top 20 garden trends that have the greatest potential to add value to your home in 2022, and 15 ‘garden failures’ that could reduce the value of your home by over £80,000 if they re not fixed before sale.

The findings come from Roofing Megastore’s Garden Trends Report, which surveyed more than 2,000 potential buyers to identify the garden trends they most value right now and would make them reconsider their bid for a property they were considering buying reduce.

Garden improvements that maximize the value of your home

In the last two years, our outdoor spaces have become more important than ever, and flexible living and socializing at home dominate the top 10 most valuable garden improvements.

With this in mind, a conservatory is the most valuable garden feature, potentially adding almost £8,500 to the value of your home, and garden rooms for the home office are now second on a buyer’s wish list for things to have in a garden for over £7,200 £ to the value of a property. A garden gym, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor entertaining area, and a hot tub also make the top 10.

Just outside the top 10, buyers would now pay an extra £5,600 for a home with a garden bar. A built in pizza oven would add £5,100 and a built in BBQ could add £5,000 to the value of a home.

Top 20 garden trends that will increase the value of your home


improvement of the garden

increase in value





Garden room in the home office



Fitness room/studio room in the garden






outdoor kitchen



Outdoor entertainment/dining area



South facing garden






New paved terrace



New patio area



garden bar



Mature plants/trees/flowers



Tree house for children






Built-in pizza oven



Built-in outdoor grill



West facing garden



artificial grass






New garden house


North South East West

With the increased amount of time many of us have been spending at home and in our gardens during the pandemic, it’s understandable how many buyers are interested in maximizing the amount of sunshine they receive in their outdoor space.

South-facing gardens are historically the most valuable, with sunshine from dawn to dusk during the summer months, and they could also add £6,161 to a home’s value. A house with a west-facing garden would add £5,008 to its value. But an east-facing garden could reduce the value of a property by £4,984 and a north-facing garden could reduce the value of a house by £5,318.

Garden Mistakes to Fix Before Selling

Many of the issues that would cause buyers to discount their listings are related to elements of the garden that need repairing. If you are unfortunate enough to have all 15 ‘garden bugs’ your home could lose over £83,364 in value, but many of the problems can be fixed either for free or for very little investment.

A moldy conservatory roof proved to be the biggest deterrent to potential buyers, taking £6,140 off the value of your home. Close behind were damaged garden walls, no lawn, broken gutters and a damaged patio.

A damaged garden wall could result in bids being reduced by almost £6,000. Broken gutters would reduce the value of a house by £5,800 and broken fences would reduce a house’s resale value by £5,500.

Outdoor spaces are very important when trying to sell a home

Other faults that could be fixed for free in just hours are decking that just needs cleaning – this would shy away buyers by £5,700. Garbage and debris in the garden would save £5,500 and if children’s play equipment and toys were on display buyers would be bidding £5,000 less than if they had been neatly cleaned up and stored out of sight.

The 15 most common “garden mistakes” that are most likely to reduce the value of your home


improvement of the garden



Moldy or dirty conservatory or orangery roof



Damaged garden walls



No lawn



Broken gutter



Cracked or damaged terrace



Invasive or damaging plants



Old or moldy decking boards



Damaged covering



Garbage or debris in the garden



Broken fences



Garden facing north



Dead trees or plants



Overgrown weeds in paths and borders






Children’s play equipment and toys everywhere


Gian-Carlo Grossi, Managing Director of Roofing Megastore, said: “Taking care of your garden is so important because moldy roofs, damaged decking and broken gutters can significantly reduce the value of your home. Not only can a neglected garden be unhealthy and unsightly to look at, it often just takes simple maintenance or DIY to fix many of the problems that deter buyers the most.

“So many of us have been spending far more time at home since the pandemic began, meaning there has been a massive increase in demand for garden facilities such as garden offices, garden studio spaces, and outdoor cooking and entertaining spaces. This shift in demand is reflected in our study, with homeowners willing to pay several thousand pounds more for properties featuring these items.”

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