our inevitable return to the 2000s

It’s the year 2008. The day is Friday. Location is your elementary school. It’s your classmate’s birthday, so your multiplication table lesson ends an hour early for cupcakes and celebrations. Your teacher plays “The Magic School Bus” on the TV stand that drives into your classroom. Your best friend is coming over after school. Before your mom picks you up, you trade for a rare Pokémon card. On the drive home, the Black Eyed Peas play “Boom Boom Pow” followed by Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida”. You spend the afternoon running outside and watching Nickelodeon. You might even be able to treat yourself to a Cosmic Brownie as a snack!

I just described to you the feeling of pure bliss. For many my age, nothing can beat the simple, good feelings of the 2000s, partly because we were kids with few worries and partly because of the culture of the time. Now, as young adults, there is a growing nostalgia for the era of our youth. Especially in the social media realms, there is a big resurgence of 00’s pop culture. To the dismay of some, trends like trucker hats, low-rise jeans, and even wired headphones are making a comeback.

Since trend cycles are known to repeat themselves every 20 years, the revival of the ’00s comes at just the right time. A distinct 2000s influence is creeping into all facets of popular culture. Take music as an example: pop punk dominates the pop music scene, and rap albums are taking on the style of ’00s mixtapes. Public figures from that era are also reappearing: the Jonas Brothers have reunited, Nas is winning Grammys, and Paris Hilton, I recently learned, is now a chef.

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