Man who left his partner “soaking” in blood in a stabbing attack on her Leeds home has been sentenced to six years in prison

John Kellett has been convicted at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty to intentional injury during a trial. Kellett, 46, has been charged with attempted murder and an alternative plea of ​​willful injury for the attack on Diana Morton at her home in Rothwell on August 7 last year.

The defendant pleaded guilty on April 5

The plea was accepted by the prosecution.

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John Kellett has been sentenced to six years in prison at Leeds Crown Court for intentional assault.

At the sentencing hearing yesterday (April 11), prosecutor Michael Collins said Ms Morton suffered seven lacerations to her hands, back, body and shoulder blades.

Mr Collins told the court how blood “oozed” from her wounds as she was taken to Leeds General Infirmary for treatment.

She submitted a victim impact statement that described how she was diagnosed with PTSD and has suffered from depression and panic attacks as a result of the ordeal.

Early in the trial, the jury heard Kellett stab Ms. Morton with a kitchen knife and then told a 999 operator that the assault had been carried out by her former partner.

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He then followed her outside and stabbed her again in the garden as he said, “You’re not leaving me.”

The attack took place at the victim’s home in Home Lea, Rothwell.

The couple had been in a relationship since around February last year.

Mr Collins said the pair spent the day drinking together before Kellett told Ms Morton he had throat cancer.

He said: “She hasn’t shown much sympathy.

“It’s because she thought he was lying and trying to manipulate her.

“I’m trying to make her feel sorry for him.”

Kellett then armed himself with a cleaver and a large kitchen knife.

He put the cleaver aside before standing over her with the knife.

Mr Collins said: “He aggressively jabbed the pointed end of the knife down, straight at her.”

Ms. Morton’s hand was badly injured as she instinctively tried to defend herself.

The court heard she managed to get to a phone and dialed 999.

During the call, the defendant picked up the phone and informed the caller that Ms Morton had been assaulted by her former partner.

Kellett continued to attack the victim as she walked outside into the garden.

Ms Morton described to police how Kellett looked “possessed” as he made five or six more stabbing motions towards her with the knife.

Kellett said “You won’t leave me” as he slammed the gun.

He stopped the attack after Ms. Morton told him, “I’m not leaving you.”

She then managed to kick him and ran to a neighbor for help.

Police were contacted and Kellett was arrested.

He told police officers at the scene, “She attacked me and I defended myself.”

Abigail Langford pleaded mitigating that Collins be credited for standing up for the guilty plea.

Ms Langford said Kellett has now accepted that his relationship with Ms Morton is now over.

The lawyer described her client as “restricted intellectual capacity” and would fight in detention.

Sentencing Judge Jacobs said: “During the 999 call, you told the operator that Diana had been assaulted by someone else.

“It was a conscious lie.

Describing the attack, the judge said: “It must all have been a really horrific incident for her.

“I read the victim’s personal statement and it had a very serious impact on her life.”

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