Entrepreneurial 7 year old behind fashion brand Ayaya

A TALENTED seven-year-old Hampshire schoolgirl and her mother have launched their own fashion brand to support the charities close to their hearts.

Each item available at Ayaya features the designs of Ria Snaddon and Sherborne House School student Emaya, who live in Chandler’s Ford.

Launched on Mother’s Day last month, the brand supports the British Red Cross’s Ukraine Crisis Appeal and a number of animal welfare organisations.

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Ria told the Daily Echo: “Our business is individual in that it was the idea of ​​a seven year old and many of our products feature her designs.

“Emaya had only started school a year before the pandemic hit. Since she spent so much time at home, she spent a lot of time drawing and learning about animals.

“During this time she had many ideas of what she wanted to do to help others, often a little more ambitious than her years or than we could support.

“It’s amazing to finally be able to bring one of her ideas to fruition so she can see that she can make a difference for causes she’s passionate about. The reception was wonderful.

“She is a very moral and caring little girl who is always looking for ways to help. She has thought about how she could turn her drawings into something that would allow her to raise money for charities close to her heart, mainly animal welfare.

“Then when the war broke out things became urgent for them, so on Mother’s Day 2022 we opened their own cotton tops shop with their designs.

“I’m enormously proud of her for the idea and for putting the work into drawing the designs.

“We’ve had so many lovely comments from people saying how inspiring it is that Emaya is making this and they love the designs and how soft the tops are.”

Daily Echo:

Ayaya sells print-to-order certified organic cotton tops with interesting species and causes close to their hearts.

100 percent of profits from two of the designs – Ukrainian Birds and Blue & Yellow – will go to the British Red Cross Crisis Appeal in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Birds theme is by Emaya and features birds found in Ukraine, including the national bird, the nightingale.

Daily Echo:

Ria’s Blue & Yellow design features wildlife from around the world in blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Organic cotton tops and tote bags are made in factories that run on renewable energy. They are all printed to order, meaning zero waste. The website is carbon neutral and all packaging is made from plants and not plastic.

Emaya is already planning her next collection featuring marine life. She is passionate about the oceans and has a charity in mind that she would like to support!

Visit ayayathreads.com

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