Women’s FA Cup semi-finals: Free bus travel

Manchester City, National Express and The Football Association are delighted to offer free coach travel to fans for Saturday’s Women’s FA Cup semi-final in West Ham.

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As the match between Friday 15 April and Monday 18 April coincides with Network Rail’s planned Easter weekend works, there will be no train services between London Euston and Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow.

This closure means there are no train services between London Euston and Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow.


To make it easier for fans to attend, alternative travel arrangements have been worked out to provide up to 10 free buses from Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

The FA will provide up to 10 buses to Etihad Stadium for City fans to travel downstairs. Instead of closing the West Coast main line, bus travel is free on these services.

All customers must book in advance. Tickets must be presented upon arrival to board and all bus bookings must be processed by 5pm on Wednesday 13 April 2022. Spectator bus bookings will not be accepted after this date.

There are no designated seats or bus assignments, except for accessible users. If you have any accessibility requirements, please indicate this when booking your ticket. Accessible users get an assigned bus and departure time. Advance notices will be sent to these ticket holders.

All bus departures begin at 05:00 on Saturday 16 April. Ticket holders are advised to arrive after 4:30am to ensure early boarding and no late departures.

All bus services go directly to Chigwell Construction Stadium with no scheduled stops. Each bus has two drivers to avoid stopping for driver changes, however should this be necessary the bus will only stop at a gas station for changes. Passengers are not allowed to leave the bus.

Please remember that bus passengers are not permitted to bring alcohol on board National Express services and no items are allowed in the bus luggage compartments.

All passengers are reminded not to leave anything on the bus when disembarking at the stadium. Please keep your match day tickets. Viewers will be asked to provide proof of their bus booking when re-boarding the services after the game.

When returning to Manchester, the estimated arrival time at Etihad Stadium is between 20:00 and 22:00.



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